New Names in the Representational Art of Uzbekistan

Issue #2 • 1513

Over the 20 years of independent development of the Republic of Uzbekistan a generation of young people has grown for whom the government has created every opportunity to develop and master their chosen professions, including those in the domain of arts, in any of the country’s universities.

To our readers we introduce Alisher Khamdamov and Sarvinoz Kasymova, young talented artists from Uzbekistan, who, as we hope, will join the galaxy of already renowned masters of fine arts of our country.

Alisher Khamdamov was born in 1986 in Rishtan city, FerganaProvince. As a child, he loved drawing and engaged seriously in it when he entered the NationalArtCollege, and after finishing it in 2006 he became student of the Behzad National Institute of Arts and Design (Monumental Painting Department). Presently, Khamdamov is a second year post-graduate student of the Institute, and, since 2010, member of the juniors section of the Artists Union of the Academy of Arts of Uzbekistan.

Teachers and mentors play a very important role in the evolution and development of every artist. Khamdamov’s talent develops and improves with the help of his mentors – remarkable representatives of the national realistic school of representational arts S. Rakhmanov, A. Jamolov; the People’s Artists R. Khudaiberganov, and B. Jalalov.

Alisher’s participation in contests and exhibitions began early. In 2008 and 2010 he took part in the “Navkiron Uzbekiston” traditional and contemporary art festival organized by the “Forum” Foundation, where he received a certificate. Every year, starting from 2008, Khamdamov displays his works at the “Artist and Nature” exhibition (CEH), presenting his landscapes. Since 2010 he has participated in the traditional Fine Arts Week, as well as in all the exhibitions organized by the Behzad National Institute of Arts and Design.

Khamdamov’s landscapes stand out in their positive sentiment, refined beauty of the colour palette, compositional structure, subtle colouristic lyricism and remarkable expressivity of artistic devices. The young artist who grown up in Fergana Valley feels an affinity with mountains, rivers, lakes, and all the wonders of nature of his native land. He created his landscapes mostly from nature. He often went to the mountains, looking intently at the landscape and making lots of sketches and studies to be rendered in canvases. His favorite places are Sukok, Birchmulla, Sukh… In his landscapes the artist is trying to take in the entire space, lending a panoramic degree to the painting: “The Nature of Sukh” (2009), “Aktash” (2011), “Morning” (2011). Khamdamov admits that his favourite work is the one he created recently, “Chashma”. To create it, he spent a lot of time in the open air to make sketches that would enable him to work in the studio. Many of his works are dedicated to the rural theme: “Village” (2007), “The Bridge” (2008), etc.

“Every creative individual has an inner world of his own. Every artist should have his own signature style, colour palette and composition, and I try to make sure that all these qualities are present in my work. Most importantly, one has to work diligently and hard, to keep searching for his own way in art, to study the work of the great masters of brush, and success will definitely come”, says Khamdamov. The art of great masters such as U. Tansykbaev N. Karahan, N. Kuzybaev and of many others serves as a good school and brings inspiration to young artists, including Alisher Khamdamov.

* * *

Sarvinoz Kasymova was born in 1990 in Namangan in a family of artists. Her first drawing lessons she received from her parents, which eventually helped her to develop a better understanding of representational art. Kasymova graduated from the Republican vocational boarding school of arts, where she studied between 2002 and 2008; in 2009 she entered the Behzad National Institute of Arts and Design, the Monumental Painting Department. Her teachers, the People’s Artist of Uzbekistan, Professor B. Jalalov, Umid Alimov, Svetlana Shin, and Aibek Islamov help her to master the profession.

Since 2004 Kasymova has participated in the republican exhibitions and contests. For instance, in 2005 at the “Friendship” contest (Korea – Uzbekistan) she presented her watercolours. Sarvinoz is the winner of the “Kelajak Ovozi 2009″. In 2010 her works were displayed at the “Navkiron Uzbekiston” and “The Namangan Artists” exhibitions. These were “Pumpkins” (2010) and “Quince” (2010) still-life paintings, “The Streets of Sukok” landscape, and “The Portrait of A. Volkov” (2010).

In Kasymova’s very first pieces one could already see her independent signature style and range of interests, her extraordinary talent, ability for keen observation, and a skill to portray things unique. The artist seeks to express her love of nature and to show its beauty in her works such as “The Streets of Sukok” (2010), “Wonders of the Water World” (2011), “Garden Illuminated by Rays of Light” (2011), and people connected to it: “The Portrait of R. Akhmedov” (2011).

Kasymova’s works were displayed at the “Nature and Artist” exhibition (2011). For her participation in the Fine Arts Week (2011) she was awarded an honorary diploma. The artist demonstrated her works at exhibitions dedicated to the 20th anniversary of Independence of Uzbekistan (2011), as well as the International Women’s Day celebrated on the 8th of March (2012).

In Kasymova’s world of colours and shapes one can see unparalleled brush strokes and get an impression of vagueness, incompleteness and reticence; but eventually, a closer look makes one feel the juicy power of each brush stroke and unconstrained movement of the artist’s brush, bringing many delightful emotions.

Sarvinoz believes that her evolution as an artist was strongly influenced by the art of Nicholai Feshin, the Russian-American painter, graphic artist, sculptor, and representative of Impressionism and Modern Art. Feshin’s attainment in painting was to bring a sketch to the level of a finished piece.

Kasymova’s pictures are dynamic, colourful and realistic, as evidenced by her works such as “The Streets of Sukok” (2010), “Wonders of the Water World” (2011), “The Portrait of R. Akhmedov” (2011), and “Garden Illuminated by Rays of Light” (2011). The woman-artist spends a lot of time studying the art of impressionists artists Van Gogh, Cezanne, Monet, Picasso, and Modigliani, as well as local artists P. Benkov, R. Akhmedov, B. Jalalov, J. Umarbekov, A. Ikramjanov and others, trying to comprehend the hidden secrets of their great mastery.

Sarvinoz Kasymova says, “Art always guides the man toward good deeds, and the one who engages in it, will never harm anyone. I believe that art is one of the greatest achievements of humankind. In my works I try to capture the nature of our land and never cease to be amazed with its magical beauty. When I start painting, I try to finish the piece as a fairy tale with happy ending. Life is beautiful, just as nature itself, and the artist’s mission is to convince people of it; if the artist succeeds, then he is a true master.”

Young people of Uzbekistan, having great creative potential, can fully realize it for the benefit of the nation that builds a new life. The works of many young artists are distinguished by masterful workmanship, imagination, and colourful palette. Every day, honing their skill and learning the secrets of art, they come closer to achieving their goal and taking a deserved place in contemporary art of Uzbekistan.

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