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Issue #2 • 1426

Levteeva Larissa. The World of Art, or the Beautiful Aspirations of the Soul. [Левтеева Лариса. Мир творчества, или души прекрасные порывы.]

Tashkent, Publishing House of the «SAN’AT» Journal, 2011

The collection includes articles published at different times in the «SAN’AT» Journal, “Pravda Vostoka”, “Evening Tashkent”, “Uzbekiston Adabiyoti va San’ati” newspapers, etc.  Materials in the collection are dedicated to the art of famous painters, applied art masters and craftsmen, and workers of science and culture, whom the author knows personally and maintains her interest in their activities.  The book has the following chapters: “Name in History”, “Arts & Crafts”, “Representational Art”, “Museums”, and “Science”.  In Russian language.

Ўзбекистон обидалаларидаги дурдона битиклар. Шедевры архитектурной эпиграфики Узбекистана. Masterpieces of Uzbekistans Architectural Epigraphy.

Tashkent, “Uzbekistan” Publishers, 2011

The album is the first large illustrated edition on epigraphic monuments of Uzbekistan.  The album presents historical (dedication), Koranic and other inscriptions found on monuments, with transcripts, original texts and translation.  Experts from the “Forum for Culture and Arts of Uzbekistan” Foundation, “Meros” Association of Antiquaries of Uzbekistan, the Institute of Oriental Studies of the Academy of Sciences, the BakhoutdinNaqshbandiMemorialCenter, and “Uzbekistan Today” Information Agency contributed to the publication.  The album covers only a small number of monuments that exist in Uzbekistan.  The publication is timed to the 20th anniversary of independence of the Republic of Uzbekistan and intended for all interested in calligraphy, spiritual history and culture of the country.  In Uzbek, English and Russian languages.


E. V. Rtveladze.  Recollecting the Past.  Book I.  [Ртвеладзе Э. В. Вспоминая былое. Книга I.]

Tashkent, Publishing House of the «SAN’AT» Journal, 2012

In his first book of memoirs Edward Rtveladze tells about his participation as a young man in archeological expeditions in Central Asia and the North Caucasus.  Subsequently, the experience contributed to his development into a world-renowned scholar who devoted his life to studying the history of Uzbekistan and other Central Asian regions.  The book will be interesting and useful to both university students and teachers, and a wide range of readers.  In Russian language.


Anthology of the Fine Arts of Uzbekistan. Volume II. Sculpture.  Project Author: T. Kuziev.  Introduction by A. Khakimov.  [Антология изобразительного искусства Узбекистана. Том II. Скульптура.]

Tashkent, 2011

The album is dedicated to the 20th anniversary of Uzbekistan’s independence and the 15th anniversary of the Academy of Arts of Uzbekistan.  Volume II introduces readers to the specimens of ancient sculpture and terracotta discovered during archaeological excavations, as well as to the works of contemporary sculptors.  In Uzbek and English languages.

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