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The year 2012 has come to an end. Many events of the past year have become part of Uzbekistan’s cultural history: the TOP-ART 2011Awards Ceremony, the traditional festival of arts and crafts Navruz 2012, the Uzbekistan+5 Fine Arts Week, the VI Tashkent International Photo Biennale and the “Golden Guepard” Film Festival held as part of the Art Week Style.uz, as well as a kaleidoscope of events that ran in the framework of the Asrlar Sadosi 2012 and Navkiron Uzbekiston festivals: numerous contests, solo and group exhibitions – both national and international, at home and abroad, demonstrating traditional and contemporary art.

Many of these events organized in cooperation with the Academy of Arts of Uzbekistan were covered in our journal, with an attempt to encompass all kinds of fine and applied arts. With gratitude, we remembered the heritage of the departed masters of arts of Uzbekistan, and presented new names. We introduced our readers to the materials of foreign authors and the research work of domestic art critics. New columns have been added to expand the information field of the journal.

The journal will continue following the developments in the world of arts as part of its educational mission.

The Editorial Board wishes its readers a very Happy New Year 2013! May it bring us all peace, good health, prosperity to our households, and stability. May the New Year be rich in new experiences and interesting encounters!

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Masut Fatkulin (Russia)

Ertegin Salamzadc (Azerbaijan)

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