Issue #1 • 1618

So was called the exhibition in the Central Exhibition Hall of the Academy of Arts of Uzbekistan held from January 31 to February 21. The exposition presented the works of Uzbekistan masters and was formed from the collections of the Direction of Art Exhibitions of the Academy of Arts of Uzbekistan, Art Gallery of the National Bank and private collections of our country.

The idea to give this original title to the exhibition was caused by the fact that a soul of true artists is very sensitive and like “seismograph” reflects everything around. Some of them intentionally strive to reflect in their art their personal understanding and vision of expressive events and phenomena; some others do it by sky degrees, hiding under “shell” of form.

The exposition included works, which were created at the end of the 20th century. They reflect senses and moods dominating within society and caused by events running then – progressive changes connected with freedom of creativity and right to study true history of the Uzbek people obtained in the first years of the Independence.

Art goers had got a chance to see works of such famous masters in painting and graving as P.Annenkov, A.Ikramdjanov, A.Isaev, M.Kagarov, Z.Saidjanov, L.Snegireva, Kh.Turdiev, N.Shin, J.Umarbekov, J.Usmanov, A.Khatamov and others.

The showpieces were located on walls along the perimeter of the square hall and on special show-benches installed in a form of “labyrinth” and draped with fabric. The artist B. Ismailov, by means of laconic solution of colour and lightning of the interior tried to cause associations with “Black Square” of K. Malevich or by means of the room where sunrays are illuminating the masterpieces ” sparkling like precious stones”.

Seismograph occupying the central space of the exposition presented a metaphoric symbol of basic art idea of this exhibition; made stronger emotional influence of pictures and sculptures, musical accompaniment from quiet melodies and songs of “Beatles”, “Aquarium”, “DDT”, “Machine of Time”, “Nautilus Pompilious” and songs-ballads of 80s – 90s performed by legendary Tashkent groups “Reis – 09″ of I. Savich and “Coda” of B.Yadgarov.

In the period of the exhibition was held the meeting – discussion on theme “Art and Time”. Artists, art critics, journalists and visitors took part in it. Curators of the project, W. Herren, M. Mirzaev and L. Gafurova taking a speech at the opening ceremony, pointed out that the exhibition was held within the program of the huge Project “Promotion of Cultural Pluralism and Art Vitality in Uzbekistan in the transitional period”, which is being implemented by the Switzerland Agency for Cooperation at the Embassy of Switzerland in the Republic of Uzbekistan. Purpose of this Project is to support social foundation and development of non – mass arts as well as promotion of international cultural dialogue among different ethnic groups living in Uzbekistan.

Author: Sergey Savchyuk – Kurbanov

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