Chronicle of Art Life (December 2002 – March 2003)

Issue #1 • 1999

December 26 – January 20
In the Central Exhibition Hall was held the annual exhibition “Artist and Nature”. Yu.V. Chernishev is a head of the title section that deals with the arrangement of exhibitions. This vernissage presented 300 works of 80 artists. Among the works there are painting works, graphics, photograph and sculpture.

January 10 – 20
In the Central Exhibition Hall was held the exhibition of Karakalpak artists devoted to the 70s anniversary of Nukus city. The Karakalpak Branch of the Academy of Arts headed by the academician J. Izentaev numbers thirty artists. The exposition presented fourty four painting works of thirteen artists. The works were dedicated to the history and modern life of the Karakalpak people.

January 14 – 20
The Center of Modern Art held the concert-meeting in memory of S. Gilev, a professional jazz musician, amateur – artist, teacher and writer. Tashkent jazz musicians took part in the concert. The exposition presented fifty works of S. Gilev in music. Among them – graphic and painting works.

January 19 – February 9
“Jerusalem: Moments of Eternity” was a title of the international photo exhibition of Michael Levit arranged by the Center of Modern Art through the agency of the Jewish Agency “Sohnut”. It presented fourty photos with views of Jerusalem.

January 22 – March 4
The Center of Modern Art held the art exhibition “Magic World of Theatre and Cinema” where were exposed about 100 exposits. Thematically the exhibition can be divided in the two parts: scenography and costume design created by the leading artists of theatre and cinema – E. Kalantarov, A. Ryftin, V. Akudin and V. Sinichenko as well as amateur artist A. Revers.

January 25 – February 4
The exhibition “Only Mountains Can Be Better than Mountains” devoted to the 65th anniversary of V. Vysotsky was held in the Tashkent House of Photo. The works of photo artists presented rich collection of ninety mountain landscapes. The program of exhibition included a cycle of concerts.

January 31 – February 21
The Switzerland Cooperation Agency, the Embassy of Switzerland in Uzbekistan and the Academy of Arts of Uzbekistan jointly held the exhibition “Seismograph”. Some aspects of modern culture were reflected in the works from the Art Gallery of the National Bank, Direction of Art Exhibitions at the Academy of Arts and private collections. The exhibition was held in the Central Exhibition Hall.

The International Art Exhibition devoted to the 25th anniversary of the Art Association of Artists of the Republic of Korea that was held in Seoul included the works of the Uzbek artists and sculptors – M. Nuritdinov, Shoir – khon, S. Rakhmetov, A. Lee, T. Kuziev and others.

February 1 – 24
In the Center of Modern Art was held a final exhibition – competition of the child drawing “Images of the Old in the Art of Children” in four nominations. The competition was organized by the City Branch of the International Fund “Ecosan” and Head Education Department of Tashkent. The works of two hundred young artists were presented to the city competition.

February 5 – 20
The works of three pupils from the Republican College of Painting and Applied Arts, N. Mirsolikhova, B. Sedyshev and F. Ikromov were presented in the Center of Modern Arts at the exhibition “New Names”

February 5 – 28
The Scientific and Art Conference devoted to the 550th anniversary of Leonardo da Vinci was held in the Central Exhibition Hall. Famous Uzbekistan art critics took part in the conference organized by the Academy of Arts. At the same time was held the exhibition of young artists of Uzbekistan having got the education in Italy, homeland of the great master.

February 7 – 25
The exhibition devoted to the 562nd anniversary of Alisher Navoy was held in the Central Exhibition Hall. The exposition “Navoyini ed etib” included mainly the works of the famous artist, emeritus figure of arts of Uzbekistan, academician S. Abdullaev. The works of artists, graphic artists, sculptors, miniaturists and other masters of the applied arts of the republic added the exposition.

February 14 – 24
The art exhibition and memory party devoted to the 85th anniversary of the public artist of Uzbekistan Abdulkhak Abdullaev were held in the Center of Modern Art. The exhibition from the cycle “Our Heritage” contained more than fourty art pieces from the collection of the Direction of Art Exhibitions of the Academy of Arts and private collections.

February 17 – 21
At the French Institute of Central Asian Studies within the Scientific Program “Aesthetic Researches in Central Asia” was held the exhibition – conference of Orif Muinov.

February 21 – 28
Twenty four art pieces of wood, marble and metal were presented in the Central Exhibition Hall within the sculpture exposition of the art group “Transit” headed by Ba’et Mukhtarov.

February 26 – March 16
The exhibition “Drawing and Aquarelle” at the Center of Modern Art exposed more than two hundred works of famous artists, U. Tansikbaev, N. Kashina, V. Shevyakov, G. Chiganov and many others. The works of talented young artists were exposed too.

February 27 – March 1
The traditional Republican Exhibition of Craftsmen “Tashabbus – 2003″ was held in the Central Exhibition Hall.

February 27 – March 16
New photo exhibition “Rodeo in the American West” was held in the Center of Modern Art. It exposed the works of the American photo artist Joe Bensen who died in 2001. The works for the exposition were kindly given by the Embassy of USA in Uzbekistan. The photo pieces acquainted the visitors with rodeo and traditions of American cowboys. The Ambassador of USA in Uzbekistan John Herbst and the Minister of Culture of Uzbekistan Kurbanov visited the opening ceremony.

January – February
In the Japanese city Iokogama, in January – February of this year was held the photo exhibition devoted to the Uzbek traditional costume under the patronage of UNESCO. The organizers of this action were the Center of Asian Culture at UNESCO and the Embassy of Uzbekistan in Japan.

March 4 – 9
Fourty canvas, subjects and installations of the Kyrgyz artist Yuristanbek Shygaev were exposed in the Central Exhibition Hall. The exposition was organized by the Switzerland Cooperation Agency in Tashkent and Bishkek, Embassies of Switzerland in Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan.

March 4 – 9
Three exhibitions were opened at the Central Exhibition Hall. Among them – the traditional “Hymn to Woman” devoted to the International Day of Women, the personal exhibition of the academician V. Burmakin “Again about Woman” and exposition of female adornments and porcelain statuettes of the academician Sh. Muminiva.

March 12 – 15
The exhibition of folk applied arts arranged by the Association of folk masters of Uzbekistan “Usto” was held at the Central Exhibition Hall. It exposed lacquer miniature, ceramics, female adornments, painting and sculpture pieces.

March 12 – 15
Ninety works in graphics, collage, art photo and applied art were presented at the Center of Modern Art in the traditional exhibition “This Wonderful Egypt”. The organizers of the exhibition – the Embassy of the Arab Republic of Egypt in the Republic of Uzbekistan, the Center of Science and Education at the Embassy of ARE and the National Institute of Painting and Design of K. Behzad.

March 14
In the Center of Modern Art was held the opening ceremony of the art exhibition “Patchworky Fantasies of Larisa Novichkova”. Working in the applied art (technique kurok and soft toy) the artist has created her own individual style – delicate and refined.

March 19
The annual holiday exhibition “Navruz”: painting, graphics, sculpture, photo and applied arts was opened at the Central Exhibition Hall. Around 100 artists presented more than five hundred works.

March 20
The traditional festival of folk crafts devoted to Navruz was opened at the Center of Modern Art. The exposition included wood carving and painting, art metal, art textile, carpet weaving and jewelry pieces from the collection of the Direction of Art Exhibitions and State History Museum of Uzbekistan.

Prepared by Yulia Tarasenko

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