New Names. Akhmetshina Rezeda

Issue #1 • 1756

Rezeda Akhmetshina was born in 1982 in Tashkent. In 1999 she graduated from the Art College, the Faculty of Painting. Now she is the 4th year student of the National Institute of Painting and Design of K. Behzad, the Faculty of Monumental Painting. She participated in several republican (the Day of Independence (1999), Navruz (2000) and foreign exhibitions including in Japan and Italy. In 1994 at the International Child Competition of G. Neru in Shankara (India) she was awarded the gold medal. In 1995 at the same competition she got the silver medal.

“The beauty is catching me. It enriches me and makes to by kinder towards the world around. I am interested in the heart world of a person, his individuality and originality: mystery and frankness of a woman, naivety and purity of a child, wisdom of the old man. Harmony of spiritual world of a person and the world around him – this is just the beginning of the endless way to perfection and I try to express this idea in my works. Only the beauty, a symbol of nature, saving the true, can fill you up, catch and carries beyond the imagination”.

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