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April 7 – May 7, Gallery of Fine Arts of Uzbekistan

The exposition of the personal exhibition “Space of Color” of Maxim Vardanyan includes the works created after 2013. The large scale of the works is one of fundamental ways of self-expression of the artist. A favorite genre of the master is a still life, although the manner of his style has undergone changes over time: destruction and dramatic shocking of his early works were replaced by search of internal harmony.
The artist’s pictures brightly demonstrate his feeling of deep attachment to the eastern land where he was born and to its customs and traditions. At the same time, M. Vardanyan became an international artist, who was able to combine successfully the western urbanism with the esthetics of the East in his works.

April 26 – May 9, Central Exhibition Hall

The exhibition-contest “Draw a song for me” devoted to the 80th anniversary of the People’s Artist of the Republic of Uzbekistan Batyr Zakirov. The contest was participated by the famous professional masters, young and amateur artists, who presented over 100 compositions reflecting the theme of musical creativity not only in singing but also in all variety of types and genres. The participants of the contest were free in embodiment of the given topic, using a variety of genres and styles.
The competent jury of the contest consisting of eminent persons of the Academy of Arts will select 12 best paintings for reproduction in a calendar of 2017, which will be published by the Fund of Batyr Zakirov.

April 28 – May 2, Tashkent House of Photography

The personal exhibition of the famous painter Bakhadyr Yuldashev “The tale of wanderings” demonstrated 70 works performed by the master for the last 2 years. According to researchers and art critics, the artist with the help of the works invites the viewer to journey into the world of fairy tales, secrets and symbols. Plots of the artist’s works inspired by oriental poetry, philosophy, mysticism: caravans, wandering dervishes, puppeteer, actor, beautiful maiden – Pery and Beloved are constantly repeated in his works. For the artist these images are not mechanical reproduction of an iconography of a miniature, but a kind of tariqat – spiritual practice in search of comprehension of truth and perfection of the hidden qualities of the own soul. Not incidentally, in the artist’s paintings in the images of a Dervish and puppeteer one can recognize the features of the master himself.

May 6 – 17, Tashkent House of Photography

The personal exhibition of the artist-painter Abduvali Muminov “Singer of the Motherland” timed to his 75th anniversary. The exposition included 60 works, which most fully reflect the artist’s creativity. These are landscapes and still life paintings differing in the saturated palette, decorative effect, which skillfully transfer the native land nature and monuments of ancient architecture of Samarkand, Khiva and Bukhara. Despite repeated motives (mountains, views of Charvak, Chimgan) the paintings are varied in color scale, by the mood of the nature noticed by the author and its unique variety.

May 6 – 30, Nukus, Exhibition hall of the Karakalpak office of the Academy of Arts of Uzbekistan

The exhibition devoted to the Day of Memory and Honors presented works of the famous masters of the fine arts of Uzbekistan, whose some works were exhibited for the first time. The exposition was consisted of paintings and sculptures of 13 authors dedicated their lives to the fine arts of Karakalpakstan. These are Aman Atabayev (1925-1985) “Throne”; Berdimuratov Kauyender (1926-1996) “Zhiyen zhrau”; Madgazin Faim (1930–1989) “Aral”; Karabayev Polat (1940-2004) “Return of herd in the evening”; Izentayev Zhollybay (1943–2009) “Unusual night” and “Around a dastarkhan”; Saparov Uzakbay (1942–2008) “Sunset” and “Aral’s Song”; Bekanov Zholdas (1942-1998) “Still life with fruits”; Zhaksybayev Islam (1943-2014) “Still life with fruits”; Kudaybergenov Muratbay (1944–2006) “Rice field” and “Kyzketken”; Alibekov Islam (1945-2008) “On inspiration wings. Portrait of the poet I. Yusupov” and “I.V. Savitssky’s Portrait”; Ishchanov Muzaffar (1950-1984) “Zhiva”; Doshchanov Murat (1951-1977) “Kyzyl kum”; Tanirbergenov Boranbay (1966–2015) “A young man’s portrait” and other works displaying the authors’ feelings and images of their

May 4 – 15, International caravanserai of the culture of Ikuo Hirayama

Organizers of the project of solo exhibition of the artist Ildar Fatkhulin are the Academy of Arts of Uzbekistan, the International caravanserai of the culture of Ikuo Hirayama with the assistance of the Embassy of the Czech Republic in the Republic of Uzbekistan. It exhibited 40 works of the author performed in the genre of “graphics plus artifact” that has its own immediate “tone” of the story about past events, about eternal and incomprehensible, which was set by the painter by means of decorating the works with ancient things. These are frames of paintings fancifully decorated by coins and stamps collected by the author in different corners of the world that in turn not only perfectly reflect the theme of the works but also are their worthy ornament. The artist’s works amazingly combine the oriental contemplation, love of nature and customs of his native land, use of elements of Suzane and at the same time elements of the European classical school of painting.

May 7 –24, Central Exhibition Hall

The exhibition devoted to memory of the artist and veteran of the Great Patriotic War Vasily Lysov timed to celebration of the Memory and Honors Day. The exposition included more than 100 works of the author (painting, graphics, wood carving).
The painter Vasily Lysov especially brightly proved in the still life genre, and became a true master of this direction, as well as in the landscape genre, where the spontaneity, freshness of perception and thought-out of composition are combined. The portrait genre is also reflected in the artist’s creativity.

May 12 –June 12, Gallery of Fine Arts of Uzbekistan

The exhibition “Colors of the Earth” devoted to Victor Sosedov’s memory demonstrated sketches, varied in content, but confirming the width of creative range, energy and big interesting ideas of the artist, who fruitfully and constantly improved the skill, the sculptor of monuments and the graphic designer.
The exhibition also presents sketches of the author’s spouse the artist Lyudmila Manova – the talented painter sharing preferences of her spouse.

May 18 –June 8, Central Exhibition Hall

Yigitali Tursunnazarov’s exposition “I Love You” presented more than 200 works of the author. The gifted artist, the Academician of the Academy of Arts Yigitali Tursunnazarov celebrating the 75th anniversary called the exhibition “I Love You” with the reason: it is both summing of certain results of the creative activity, and manifestation of his love to the native land and the people.
Almost each work of the artist to some extend reflects the most important issues of our country’s history and present. Among the paintings presented at the exhibition there are “The last letter”, “Separation”, “Thoughts”, “Aral’s Tears”, “The black sun”, “Destiny of a person”, “Amir Temur”, etc.

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