Praise to you, neat-handed craftsmen!

Issue #4 • 1253

Gayrat Shukurov 

The art of independent Uzbekistan, which has accumulated the synthesis of great traditions and cutting-edge modernity, is an active participant in the global artistic process. Uzbekistan always gave priority to the consistent development of the national culture and arts, creation of favorable conditions for fruitful work of the artists and the artisans.
Now a great attention is paid to the restoration of the national values, traditions, and studies of the abundant heritage of theologians and enlighteners, improvement and restoration of historic monuments and mausoleums.

4The major part of the magnificent buildings that are beautifying the cities of Uzbekistan are built by the able hands of the outstanding craftsmen, who participate in decoration with the national ornaments the inner part and the outer facade of the buildings. In their original form appear the historical monuments that have become the sites of pilgrimage and recreation. The large-scale building and landscaping work has been done at the mausoleums, burial sites and in the areas surrounding the mausoleums of Imam al-Bukhari, Imam Maturudi, Abduhalik Gijduvani, Imam at-Termezi, Bahauddin Naqshbandi, Burkhaniddin Marghiloni, Hazrati Imam and others.
This year, a magnificent building – “Minor” Mosque has been erected in Tashkent on the Minor Avenue. This complex of buildings was built according to the resolution of the President of Uzbekistan, Islam Karimov, “On measures for construction of the mosque in the Minor Mahalla of Tashkent.” The master craftsmen of the Limited Liability Company “Badiiy San’at” have actively participated in decoration of the “Minor” mosque, who work on the restoration and repair of cultural, residential, industrial buildings and structures, artistic design and decoration of the interior and exterior of the buildings, perform works on carving on ganch and wood, paint murals and create mosaics and stained glass in the national Uzbek and modern style.
At the “Minor” mosque the works on painting, ganch and wood carving were performed under the guidance of the director of the enterprise, Abduvahob Jamilov, and Director of the Public Foundation, Kayumjon Mahkamov.
The master of the Uzbek national painting – Hamidulla Umaraliev has told us: “We have worked at the dome and the altar. The colors were used in accordance with the national traditions. This is, in general, the shades of blue, green and white colors. Blue color is a symbol of clear and peaceful sky, which signifies the power and wealth of the country. The patterns covering the altar have been derived from the architectural heritage monuments.” The height of the dome of the mosque is 23.5 m, its diameter is 11 m. The patterns of the leaves painted in the golden color on the dome – from afar shine like the sunrays. Fine ornaments grow larger with gradual elevation. Sixty artists and craftsmen of the Creative Union of the Academy of Arts of Uzbekistan (AAU) were involved in the design and decoration of the mosque’s interior.
Director of the Public Foundation of AAU, Kayumjon Mahkamov has specified: “I am sure, this mosque will take its rightful place in the Islamic world. Not every state is capable of building them. The architecture of this complex is a synthesis of the rich historical heritage and the latest achievements in modern technologies. Design of the building has incorporated the best and most advanced features. Attention was given to the arrangements of the natural lighting, ventilation, and acoustics. In the design and construction of the building, the best practices of the architecture and construction have been applied. Only in a peaceful and tranquil country it is possible to build such a majestic architectural complex. Around the mosque the landscaping and tree planting works have been done. The banks of the Anchor have been turned into a recreational area. There are paved sidewalks and other arrangements required for the outdoor refreshment.”
5On the 1st of October of 2014, on the eve of the Kurban Khayit holiday (Iyd al Adha), the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan – Islam Karimov has visited the mosque and praised the work of the skillful craftsmen, who have built this beautiful complex, and all those who participated in planting trees and improvement of the adjusting territory. The only one not only in our country, but in the Central Asian region in general, this architectural complex in all respects should be comfortable for people wishing to visit it. The Head of the Government has said that a great scope of work has been done on creating all the necessary conditions for the citizens of Uzbekistan and the foreign guests.
Applied arts of Uzbekistan are known worldwide. It fascinates by its unique, amazing patterns, richness of the colors, and technique. Buildings that represent the architectural heritage, as well as the monuments of the applied arts of the past are unique and priceless. The pieces of art, created by the craftsmen, always steal the hearts of people, endowing them with something beautiful.
In the modern buildings that are being constructed nowadays, many forms of the applied arts and crafts are being used: carving on ganch (alabaster mixture), wood, and metal, painting, mosaic, working with different types of stones. The interiors of the buildings, both inside and on the outside, are being decorated with the elements of the applied arts. Geometric figures, variety of shapes, floral patterns chosen by the wizards of the crafts are accomplished with great taste using the fine and gentle technique. In every work an “individual style” of the artists can be traced.
Beauty of the urban architecture of our cities, modern style buildings, the design of which incorporates the eastern architectural elements and patterns, impress both our compatriots and the foreign guests.
Foreign photojournalists – the participants and the guests of the VII Tashkent International Photo Biennale that was held on October 6-12 of this year, have outlined after visiting the “Minor” mosque that the Government has given a lot of attention to construction of this complex. Photographer from Russia, Anna Kravets, has shared with us her impressions: “I am glad that the Uzbek applied arts and crafts are in their prime, that leadership of Uzbekistan attaches great importance to their development. We must pay tribute to the hard, meticulous work of the artists, who greatly contribute to the development of this art. Everything that I have seen there, I would like to express in one word: “Wonderful!”
In the old days, when the masters decorated architectural monuments with gentle patterns, they used to express their hopes and aspirations. Nakkosh – the craftsmen, adorning the interior spaces, felt deeply the inner, spiritual state of a human being. Centuries of experience have taught them that in the brightly-lit homes, beautifully painted with traditional patterns and decorated with ganch and wood carving, people live a long life in harmony and love.

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