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Issue #4 • 1338

October 31– November 20, Tashkent House of Photography

Exhibition “Entangled Ornaments” under the framework of the project “Time Machine. Museums in the XXI century” dedicated to modernization of the museums in the countries of the Eastern Europe and the Central Asia was held jointly by the Goethe Institute in Tashkent, the Academy of Arts of Uzbekistan, and the Tashkent House of Photography.
This event is an outcome of the series of scientific and practical workshops conducted by the German curators – Leyla Tabassomi and Barbara Heinrich, in 2013 and 2014; at the same time, it was one of the option of modernization of the museum spaces with maximal inclusion of new trends in development of contemporary expo-design. The basic theme of exposition was the painting of the famous artist of Uzbekistan, A. Volkov, “The Old City Street,” from the Museum of Fine Arts of Uzbekistan.
The structure of exhibition and arrangement of objects have been done in a different, non-traditional style of exposition: in diagonal modules resembling the shapes of the houses in the Old City. This was an illustration of what has inspired this picture: Eastern Bazaar, aroma of spices, caravans, and people in the clothes of that epoch.

October 31– December 5, Exhibition Hall of Karakalpak Department of the AAU

Exhibition “Golden Autumn” of the sculptor Daribay Tajimuratov has displayed the interesting sculptural compositions on the ethnic theme, made not of wood, as usually, but of ceramics. This included “The Boat on a Wave”, “Young Musician”, “Horses”, “The Bride”, “Old Man and Old Woman” and “Nine Babblers and One Squeaker”.
The talented artist in his works skillfully combines the monumentality with irony, conditionality with psychological depth. Sculpture “The Bride” is performed in the portrait genre. In this creation the sculptor daringly uses the clay instead of the wood. Moreover, two types of landscapes of the artists like J. Lepesov, S. Kutlimuratov, A. Radjapov, S. Baybosinov, A. Kudaybergenov, B. Tajimuratov, S. Bekbauliev and others, have been displayed at the exhibition.

November 15 – 21, Central Exhibition Hall

A wide-scale exhibition entitled “Nostalgia” displaying the creative work of the artists from the Republic of Korea and the Republic of Uzbekistan has been organized within the framework of cultural exchange between the two countries by the Embassy of the Republic of Korea in the Republic of Uzbekistan. The exposition was a part of a multi-faceted campaign “Korea – Central Asia Caravan – 2014”. The exhibition was held in Tashkent, Ferghana and Andijan. This year it was held for the fourth time. “Nostalgia” consists of a wide range of styles and genres, which the contemporary South Korean artists employ; this exhibition provides for the opportunity to present the achievements of the artists of the Korean diaspora living in Uzbekistan. ”The Academy of Arts of Uzbekistan since the day of its foundation actively promotes creativity of the Korean artists in Uzbekistan, as a phenomenon of original and highly skillful art”, – has said at the opening ceremony the AAU Chairman, A. Nuridinov.

November 26, Behzad National Institute of Arts and Design

“Great Silk Road through the eyes of Azeri and Uzbek artists” – an exhibition that has been organized by the Azeri Cultural Center named after Heydar Aliyev functioning under the auspices of the Embassy of the Republic of Azerbaijan in the Republic of Uzbekistan, the National Art Gallery of the Republic of Azerbaijan, and the National Institute of Arts and Design named after K. Behzad. The purpose of this exhibition was a promotion of the art of Azeri and Uzbek people. The exhibition has displayed more than 80 creative pieces of such renowned artists as Sattar Bahlulzade, Maral Rahmanzade, Togrul Narimanbekov, Artegin Salamzade, Elbek Rzakuliev, Huseyn Hakverdiev, Sabir Rakhmetov Fayzulla Ahmadaliev, Muhammadyor Toshmuradov, Gofur Kodirov, Alisher Alikulov, Khurshid Ziyokhonov, Zayniddin Fakhruddinov and others.

December 1 – 28, The Fine Arts Gallery of Uzbekistan

Creative tandem of Muhammad Fozili and Murod Fozili has exposed its painted and graphical creations at the exhibition entitled “Faraway and Homely Forever”. The vernissage of the brothers is always interesting for the lovers of art. The exhibition “Faraway and Homely Forever” had a display of the brothers’ creations in two halls of the Fine Arts Gallery of Uzbekistan.
Graphical creations of Fozili brothers depict a world invocating the viewers to comprehend its deep philosophy. The brothers have succeeded to find their own style applying various artistic traditions and conceptions, which makes their creations unique and distinctive. The principal theme of their pieces of art is the story of evanescent time. This is a name of one of the pictures of Muhammad Fozili. His other project “Escape” represents an escape into the inner self or outwards into the space of the world. Sophisticated compositions always have an intrinsic meaning.

December 5 – 20, Central Exhibition Hall

Over 100 paintings and graphical pieces have been exposed at the solo exhibition of the member of the Creative Association of the Artists of Uzbekistan – Yanis Salpinkidi, who is the author of more than twenty articles on the issues of theory and history of the pictorial art, and who was awarded with the high governmental decoration – “Dustlik” (in 2004), and the Golden Medal of the AAU. Among the exhibited works were “The Dialogue in the Workshop” (1986-1988), “Parents” (1990), “Portrait of son dressed in Harlequin suit” (1994), “Odyssey of Alexander Salpinkidis. Metamorphosis of Destiny” (2006).
The artist has created more than 400 paintings and over 1000 graphical pieces. 15 solo exhibitions of this artist took place both in Uzbekistan and abroad, among other in Greece (“Chrisodemis” Gallery, in 1997), in the Spiritual Enlightenment Center of Athens (Greece, in 2000), in New York (USA, in 2011) and other countries.

December 16 – 22, Tashkent House of Photography

Exhibition “The Peers of Independence” displaying the works of the young artists, Sarvinoz Kasymova and Bakhtiyar Serkeev, was organized with support of the “SAN’AT” magazine.
Since 2004, Kasymova is participating to a number of the national exhibitions and contests. She was a winner of the contest “Kelajak Ovozi 2009”. The painting of Kasymova are dynamic, colorful and realistic (“The Streets of Suqoq,” 2010; “Wonders of the Water World”, 2011; “Portrait of R. Ahmedov”, 2011 and others).
Creations of Serkeev have been exposed at the exhibition “Nature and Artist” during the Fine Arts Week (2011), where he was awarded with the honorary certificate. Among his works presented at the exhibition are “My Pain, My Hope”, 2013; “The Swings of Aral”, 2014; “Dream”, 2014 and others.

December 18, 2014 – January 18, 2015, National Institute of Arts of Uzbekistan

The works of Murad Karabaev presented at the exhibition “Euphoria” reveal his mysterious images, typical of the artist’s pictorial representation of his ideas. He is the artist of his purely personal context. In the works of this master, there are noticeable changes in his creative style within the period of 2011-2012. Small and narrow in size pictures are replaced by the large canvases with monumental space. There are images of young men in the Eastern robes, painted largely, sideways or frontally in full height (the triptych “The Twin”, 2012). M. Karabaev, while maintaining the priority of refined conventionality of white backgrounds, in his new creations gets rid of the dusky colors of past years.

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