The Mystery of Lines Turned to Art

Issue #4 • 1593

Glittering with million lights, the synthesis of the past and the present, Beijing welcomed the renowned masters of brush from Uzbekistan. An exhibition organized by the Academy of Arts of Uzbekistan and the “Forum for Culture and Art of Uzbekistan” Foundation, with support from the All-China Association for International Friendship, the Embassy of Uzbekistan to China, and the Chinese Culture Promotion Society, displayed paintings showing the beauty of our land. The works were distinct in their originality, compositional diversity, psychological insight in the portrait genre, and brightly coloured landscapes. At the display, Chinese artists who visited our country this year also presented their works dedicated to the rich history and culture of the land.

Akmal Nuriddinov (Akmal Nur), Сhair of the Academy of Arts and the leader of the group of the Uzbek masters touring Beijing, himself also an exhibitor, said that the visit of our artists to China was organized in response to the tour of artists from the Celestial to Uzbekistan. Productive humanitarian and cultural exchange between the two countries has been ongoing for twenty years – from the establishment of diplomatic relations, and every year this cooperation is gaining new momentum. This year alone Beijing hosted a forum “Horizons of Cultural and Humanitarian Cooperation”, a delegation of Chinese artists visited Uzbekistan, Tashkent received an exhibition “Contemporary Works of the Renowned Artists of China”, as well as a round table discussion on the development of bilateral cooperation in the domain of culture and art.

Chinese audiences, in turn, had a great opportunity to feel the spirit of Central Asian culture and learn about contemporary art of Uzbekistan. In Beijing our country was represented by Akmal Nur, Faizulla Ahmadaliev, Khurshid Ziyahanov, Mukhtar Isanov, Gafur Kadyrov, Marat Sadykov and Anvar Mamajanov – each of them presenting ten works. During their stay in Beijing the masters from Uzbekistan had a chance to see historical and architectural sites, and to attend the opening of the children’s drawings exhibition and a concert jointly delivered by Uzbek and Chinese artists at the Fantsaodi International School in Beijing; Akmal Nuriddinov also met with the President of the Academy of Arts of China to discuss further development of cultural relations.

Here is Akmal Nur on the event: “Our display turned out to be of interest to the Beijing audience, as the traditional Chinese painting school and the Uzbek school are very different. Visitors were drawn to our culture, lifestyle, and philosophical attitude to nature. And there is also much to be learned from them. The Chinese regard nature as something divine and spiritual, and their painting is an integral part of it, while ours is more graphic. The laws of Chinese painting cannot be understood by those unfamiliar with the art of calligraphy, where every single line has connection with the world around. Our impressions of the trip are already being transferred to the canvas. Yet, to learn more about the culture of China we plan to send our masters on tour of the provinces, and then present the results at an exhibition in Tashkent. It would also be good to have a student exchange between the two countries, which, I am confident, would yield positive results.”

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