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September 16 – 21, Tashkent House Of Photography
30 photos of Slovakia – a country located in the heart of Central Europe – between the Danube and the High Tatras mountains was presented at the photo exhibition “Magic Slovakia” organized by the Embassy of the Slovak Republic in cooperation with the Academy of Arts of Uzbekistan and Tashkent House of Photography. The author of photos is a prominent Slovak photographer Ladislav Struhar, whose works reflect nature and architecture of the country, landscapes and scenery, historical and modern architectural structures of Slovakia with different unique beauty, bright colors and skill of the photographer.

September 26, Tashkent House Of Photography
70 photos reflecting the nature and cultural character of modern Shanghai were presented to attention of Uzbek visitors at the photo exhibition “Magic of Shanghai.
The opening ceremony of a series of events within “Magic of Shanghai” framework was organized by the office of the Municipal Government of Shanghai and the Shanghai Association for Cultural Relations with foreign countries. The purpose of the events is demonstration of Shanghai’s achievements over the years of reform and openness, as well as the strengthening and revitalization of the Shanghai exchange and contacts with the cities of the countries along the “One Belt and One Road”. Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of China in the Republic of Uzbekistan Mr. Sun Lidze and spokesman for the municipality of Shanghai and deputy director of the Information Office of the municipality of Shanghai Mr. Shew Wei made speeches at the opening ceremony.

October 21 – December 5, Gallery of Fine Arts of Uzbekistan
A retrospective exhibition was dedicated to the 70th anniversary of Javlon Umarbekov an Academician, an artist of National Art Academy of Uzbekistan.
Javlon Umarbekov is an artist, whose work is included in the golden fund of world art. He works not only in different techniques, but also in all genres, as it befits Maitre. The range of his choice of themes, subjects, images, genres is quite large and diverse. They are landscapes, still life paintings, portraits, historical scenes, revealing different facets of the thematic preferences of the artist: “I am a Man” (1981 – 1983), “Self-portrait with Prince” (2000), “Children of the 40-ies” (2006), “Quince evening” (2009), “Nonna’s Flowers” (2010).
The young Uzbek artists mastered and learn the creative principles of the artist that proves their vitality and harmony, philosophy and wisdom.
October 25 – November 14, Central Exhibition Hall of the Academy of Arts of Uzbekistan
The personal exhibition of the People’s Artist of Uzbekistan, academician of Academy of Arts of Uzbekistan Nigmat Kuzybaev (1929-2004) displayed the paintings (landscapes, genre scenes, portraits the master) from the collections of the Directorate of art exhibitions, the Gallery of Fine Arts of Uzbekistan and the family archive. Today the creativity of Nigmat Kuzybaev, logged in the history of art of Uzbekistan in the middle of 1950-ies, occupies a worthy place in the arts of our country.


October 28 – November 12. Tashkent House Of Photography
Personal exhibition of Madina Kasimbaeva “Sacrament of magic yarn” is a continuation of Binafsha Nodir’s project “Light of a Distant Star”, which took place in 2015. Experience shows that community between the art master and art critic gives a fruitful result and identifies a new trend in modern exhibition process of Uzbekistan. The novelty of the project is in a sophisticated and organic integration of traditional poetics, based on the centuries old collective experience of folk art, as well as non-traditional presentation of exposision in the form of installations.
Unlike the first exhibition, where the only planar embroidered panels (palyaks) of Tashkent schools were presented, here M. Kasimbaeva demonstrated the works with the using of Samarkand, Nurata, Shahrisabz and well known lakay embroidery patterns.


October 28 – December 29. Gallery of Fine Arts of Uzbekistan
The exhibition “A New Past: Contemporary Art of UK” was organized by the British Council in collaboration with the Ministry of Culture and Sports of Uzbekistan, the Academy of Fine Arts and the Art Gallery of Uzbekistan to celebrate 20 years of collaboration of the British Council in Uzbekistan.
The exhibition showcased the works of several British experts, called “Young British Artists”, or YBAs, including Damien Hirst, Jake and Dinos Chapman, Gavin Tark and Sarah Lucas, as well as the works of several winners and nominees of Turner Award – the main award in the field of fine arts in Britain – these are the works by Rachel Whiterid, Martin Creed, Martin Boyce, Connell Parker, George Shaw and etc.
In the framework of this exhibition master classes in modern graphics with British specialist Chris Kristadoulou were organized for students and teachers of Arts and Design of the National Institute named after K.Behzad. The works, which were created as a result of the training, were combined into a separate exhibition “A New Past: memory, place and home” and also were exhibited in the Gallery of Fine Arts.
November 3 – December 5, Exhibition hall of the Karakalpak office of the Academy of Arts of Uzbekistan. Nukus
Traditional exhibition “Golden Autumn” was dedicated to “The Year of a healthy mother and child”. More than 80 paintings, drawings, sculptures and decorative arts of 26 Karakalpak authors were demonstrated there. Along with masters-professionals young artists, working in various genres of fine arts, also presented their works. The exhibitors included such well-known artists as Jean Izentaev (“Holiday still life”, “Reflection of the golden autumn”), J.Serekeev (“Picking of Apples “), J. Lepesov (“Still life with pumpkin”, “Red, yellow flowers in vase”), A. Radjabov (“Breath of autumn”, “Kurgashin-kala”), V. Dzhaparov (“The Day”, “Still Life with red tray”), and B. Nurymbetov (“Aral”). The famous sculptor D. Tazhimuratov presented his new ceramic compositions “Return from pastures” and “The dawn” and the young sculptor K.Auezbaev – debutant of the exhibition presented “Woman with Fruit” composition.

November 9. Gallery of Fine Arts of Uzbekistan
The works of traditional art of the Turkmen people from the collections of the State Museum of the National Cultural Centre of Turkmenistan and the State Museum of Fine Art were presented on the exhibition of decorative applied arts of Turkmenistan within the days of culture of Turkmenistan in the Republic of Uzbekistan. These are carpets, items of jewelry, art embroidery, art processing of wood associated with the art of making musical instruments, as well as the works of such painters of the second half of the XX century such as A. Khadjiev, J.Annanurov, E.Adamova, A.Amangeldyev, O.Mammetnurov, T.Babikov and others.


November 9 – December 7, International Caravanserai of culture of Ikuo Hirayama
The exhibition “The way to future: the art of new generation of Japan” was presented by the Embassy of Japan in the Republic of Uzbekistan and the Japan Foundation with the assistance of the International Culture Caravanserai of Ikuo Hirayama of the Academy of Arts of Uznekistan. The exhibition displayed 42 works of art: paintings, sculptures, installations and photographs of 11 young Japanese artists, who take creative objects from their immediate environment.


November 11 – December 10, Central Exhibition Hall of the Academy of Arts of Uzbekistan
Retrospective exhibition “Masters of Arts of Uzbekistan” from the cycle “Our Heritage” was dedicated to the jubilee of 2016. They are about 300 works of art from the masters of the Directorate of art exhibitions and private collections, starting from the 1940-ies till 2000-s. Among them there are works of N.Kashin, D.Mileev, Novikov, M.Schirovskiy, known painters of 1960-1970-ies – N.Bannikov, G.Zhdanov, V.Nechaev, P.Pantyukhin, T.Pirmatov, L.Salimjanova, G.Chernukhin, N. Shurygin, graphic artist – V. Zhuravlev, A.Ligay, film and theater artists – V.Akudin and B.Dobrin, recently deceased sculptors – A.Abraev, V.Lunev, L.Ryabtsev and painter A.Yunusov.
Presenting this small list of international masters of arts of Uzbekistan, the organizers not only commemorated the jubilee, whose works were displayed at the exhibition, but also introduced a new generation of artists and art lovers with the fascinating era of art history of Uzbekistan.

November 15 – 23, Tashkent House of Photography
The exhibition “Oriental flavor” of young artists of Uzbekistan it displayed the paintings and sculptures that harmonized in the theme and colors, at the same time, shaded each other, revealing individual style of each author. The main topics of the works created in the genre of historical painting (“The Ambassador of Castile at the reception of Amir Temur”) and still life (“Miniature and still life”, “Madonna” and “Red carpet”) by Abdumadzhid Sagatov follow the traditions of high academic art. His works differ in the aspiration for monumentality, the composite scale, professional knowledge of the painting technique. Creative works of Jamshid Chorshanbiev dedicated mainly to Gelan – the place where he was born and grown.
The main place in the creativity of Farrukh Mavlonov (“Sarchashma”, “Autumn”, “Yard”) and Ulugbek Rajabov (“Twilight”, “Golden Autumn”) is occupied by the landscape reproducing the ambience and mood of the dearest places in different times of a year, day and night. Bunyod Karimov (“Misery”, “Widow” and others.) uses in his works neo-primitivism methods. A talented sculptor Botir Khakimov (“Song of Freedom”, “Karnayschik”) thoughtfully works with the form, moving away from a direct following of nature, taking it to the system of symbols and metaphors.
November 18 – December 11, Central Exhibition Hall of the Academy of Arts of Uzbekistan
The personal exhibition of Khaydarali Usmanov – member of TAA Uz, the Laureate of Mashrab Award (1996), the winner of the exhibition-contest “Eng ulug, eng aziz” (2001) presented more than 50 works – still life paintings, portraits, landscapes – from the family archive and management of the Fund Management of art exhibitions.

November 24 – December 20, Memorial park-museum named after K. Behzad
Works of such prominent miniaturists as Abdullaev Kamoliddin, Karimov Abdukhakim, Mirzaev Kamoliddin, Shoahmedov Shorasul, Mirsoatov Hamid, Amanov Koship, Kholmatov Niyozali, Toshev Davron, Hodjimetov Bakhodir, Tohirov Bahrom, Omonov Komil and others were presented at the “Contemporary miniature painting” exhibition.


December 13-23 Tashkent House of Photography
The works of three young artists and one photographer were displayed at the exhibition “Journey to the heart”, organized within the framework of the State program “Additional measures aimed at the implementation of the state youth policy in the Republic of Uzbekistan”.
The participants of the exhibition are: Mirali Makhmudov, Saidbek Sabirbaev, Khurshid Ibragimov (painting), Hassan Paydoev (photo), graduated from the National Institute of Arts and Design named after K. Behzad.

December 16 – 30 Tashkent House of Photography
The personal exhibition “Behind the scene” of the Honored Artist of Uzbekistan, theater artist Davron Safoev (1932 – 2015) displayed sketches for such stage works as “Gulsanam”, “Mountain Girl”, “Heart of the Poet”, “Komde and Mudan”, “The day lasting more than a century”, “Legends of Samarkand”, “Alpamysh” etc.
Organizers: Academy of Arts of Uzbekistan, «San’at» magazine, Tashkent House of Photography.
Curator of the exhibition: Dilyafruz Kadyrova.

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