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22 January – 22 February, Fine Arts Gallery of Uzbekistan

The exhibition “DADA” by Inna Sandler – the artist of the multifaceted talent – was demonstrating the images of horses – a symbol of the sacred animal in many cultures. The image of children’s wooden horses: horses on a carousel, rocking horses areknown to everyone as an island in our memory, ready to bring us back to childhood. In France the children’s wooden rocking horse is called Dada. This is a Trojan horse, and rocking horse of Napoleon, which he kept for many years, and an essential attribute of future knights.
The word “Dada” has another meaning – “a fancy”, this is an accent, a unique feature of one’s personality, the core of each of us that holds us on the carousel of life …
The project “DADA” was held thanks to a grant from the Institut Francais (Paris), which has provided a Studio in Paris to the artist for three months in the International Centre of Art for accomplishment of this project.

26 January – 3 March, Tashkent House of Photography

The 19thexhibition of graduates of the School-Studio of Creative Photography of AAU, devoted to the “Year of a Healthy Mother and Child”, displayed 120 works by 12 authors (Aloma Daniyarova, Bahodir Yokubov, Umid Djuraev, Sayora Magrupova, Olga Malleeva, Timur Muradov, Anwar Musakhanov, Mokhinur Mukhiddinova, Saida Sadykova, Dilafruz Usmanova, Rusudan Hubutia, Irina Shur), who submitted their photos made in different genres: street photography, art portrait, conceptual portrait, social photography, landscape, still life, reportage photography, etc.
The photos are distinguished by a reason ably high quality. There areposed pictures, but there are also the moments successfully captured by photographers. The tendency of photographers to usecertain techniques, genres and topics is evident.Young aspiring photographers are looking for their own style, desire to reflect their feelings and create something special.

29 January – 22 February, Central Exhibition Hall

The exhibition “Revival”has presented the works of contemporary authors and a retrospective of works from the collection of the Directorate of Art Exhibitions of the Academy of Arts of Uzbekistan – one of the largest collections of graphic arts of Uzbekistan. The graphics presented in the exhibition is representing diverse techniques: etching, lithography, linocut, woodcut and monotype.The audience got acquainted with the unique works of the classics of easel and book graphics, professional masters of drawing and watercolor: V. Kaydalov, V. Kedrin, I. Ikramov, N. Kashina, K. Cheprakov, G. Chiganov, G. Shevyakov, K. Basharov, A. Tsiglintsev, M. Tshirovskiy, I. Enin, I. Gartvan, E, Vladimirov, V. Parshin, B. Kotlov, P. Annenkov, V. Apukhtin, D. Afuksinidi, M. Kagarov, M. Kiriakidi, L. Davats, D. Djalalov, I. Vasilieva, M. Karpuzas, E. Ishakov, E. Ahunov, A. Ponomariov, M. Sorokin, Yu. Strelnikov, M. Tokhtaev, D. Urazaev and others. The exposition also contained the paintings by J. Umarbekov, R. Gagloeva, L. Ibragimov and V. Chub. Among the participants of exhibition wereT. Fadeeva, V. Nechaeva, I. Sandler and others.

2 February, Central Exhibition Hall

The creative art of the painter, Mahmoud Husenov (1955 – 2015), who for many years delighted the audience with his lyricism and gentleness, was the theme of the memorial event. The exposition of the commemorative evening featured more than 50 of his works. The genres of the artist’s paintings are various: landscapes, still lives and portraits. Many of the paintings based on literary works known to many from childhood.

5 – 20 February, International Caravanserai of AAU named after Ikuo Hirayama

The exhibition of “Uzbek dolls” was held in the framework of the project “Dolls of the World”.In the exposition were presented the unique compositions with original collection custom made dolls in the national dresses and traditional women’s jewelry, in domestic scenes and in the background of architectural structures.
Dolls and compositions for the exhibition were provided by the well-known collector of unique products of the masters of applied arts of Uzbekistan – Fahriddin Abdujabbarov.
Toy apparel, shoes and jewelry for them were tailored and sewn by Dilfuza Ishanalieva – a member of the National Association of Craftsmen, Artisans and Artists “Hunarmand”.

9 February – 9 March, Fine Arts Gallery of Uzbekistan

The solo exhibition of Damir Ruzibaev – “Melos Navoi” was dedicated to the 575thanniversary of the great poet – Alisher Navoi.The exhibition presented the paintings and sculptures by Ruzibaev – “Harmony of Heavens”, “Humo Bird”, “Melody of Mountains”, “The Portrait of Navoi”, “Overtones”. In the center of the exhibition is the figure of Alisher Navoi standing on a high pedestal surrounded by the figures of angels with musical instruments in hand, symbolizing the heritage of Navoi.
Angels are not abstract figures, but actual characters – favorite performers of maqams– Kommuna Ismailova, Barno Iskhakova, Berta Davidova, Munojat Yulchieva and Habiba Okhunova.

10 – 29 February, International Caravanserai of AAU named after Ikuo Hirayama

On the opening of the personal exhibition “The World of Magic” of the graphic artist, one of the leading cartoonists of Uzbekistan, member of the Creative Association of Artists – Husan Sadykov, 100 of his illustrations to folk tales have been exhibited
The characters by Husan Sadykovare people from real life – good and evil, lazy and hard-working, funny and sad, brave and cowardly. The essence of his illustrations is that truth always prevails over lies, and good defeats evil.

12 – 29 February, Central Exhibition Hall

The exposition of the personal exhibition “SOLO” by Timur Rakhmetov – the constant participant and the ideological inspirer of a group of young artists “Circle”, presented more than 30 paintings and 5 art objects.His works are multifaceted and differ by the originality of the author’s manner and philosophical approach.
The works of T. Rakhmetov is a bold searchfor something new, which is presented in his project “The Workshop”. The artist calls direction chosen by him a “mix of realism and stylization”.
Personal exhibition is creative report demonstrating the diversity of potential and professional growth of the artist.

29 February – 29 March, Memorial Museum Park named after Kamoliddin Behzad

The exhibition “Spring Vernissage” devoted to “The Year of a Healthy Mother and Child” and the International Women’s Day, exhibited over 50 paintings by female artists, including G. Rakhmanova, M. Ulmasova, D. Mamedova, N. Temirgalieva, M. Melnikova, N. Lee, M. Pak and others. Every creative work has a distinctive style, craftsmanship and harmony of paints.

2 – 18 March, Tashkent House of Photography

Volunteer project “Art Puzzles” has organized an exhibition of paintings and photographs – “A Moment Before Birth”, which became possible thanks to the support of the Academy of Arts of Uzbekistan, Creative Union of Artists, Tashkent House of Photography, “Bonum Factum” gallery, theatre of Mark Weil “Ilkhom”.
A characteristic feature of all artists selected for the exhibition is a high level of both professionals and amateurs, vivid imagery of paintings and photographs, individual style and inner search for the true face of art. Every visual creation is decorated by the audio track, created individually for each author.
The authors of this idea: Shavkat Yuldashev – artistic manager of “AFISHKA” Festival, Timur Irikovich – executive manager of the Project “Art Puzzles”, and freelance photographer Anna Chub – assistant of “AFISHKA” Festival.

March 14 – 28, Tashkent House of Photography
The expositions of photo exhibition devoted to the national holiday Navruz presented works of the famous masters of photoart, members of photosection at TOH of Uzbekistan Rustam Sharipov, Abdugani Dzhumayev, Vladimir Schlossberg, and Gayrat Shukurov, as well as press photographers of National News Agency of Uzbekistan Alo Abdullaev, Sarvar Urmanov, etc. A number of photos were presented by foreign diplomats accredited in Uzbekistan and graduates of school studio of creative photography at Tashkent House of Photography and National Institute of arts and design named after K. Bekhzad.

March 16 – April 4, Memorial Park-Museum named after K. Bekhzad

The exhibition “Blue ceramics of Bukhara” of the talented Bukhara ceramist Abduvakhid Karimov presented his developments in the field of reconstruction and revival of traditions of Afrasiab ceramics of the IX-X centuries, as well as experimental works of the master in reconstruction and new interpretation of toys in the style of painted penny whistles from Uba village which are practically not produced today. Especially for the exhibition A. Karimov prepared lyagan-dishes with abstract compositions demonstrating connection of traditional and modern art.
March 17 – April 7, Gallery of Fine Arts of Uzbekistan

The exhibition “Mystery of Dance” of Daima Vardanyan (Rakhmanbekova) presented works executed by the means of collage, which combines diverse materials and unusual elements of the composition making a single art ensemble which keynote is traditional Uzbek national dance. In the creativity D. Vardanyan successfully develops the direction created by the artist Usto Mumin on synthesis of traditions of Oriental miniature and Italian Renaissance.
March 17 – April 17, the Museum of Arts of Uzbekistan

The personal exhibition “Descent of Angels” of the member of TOH of Uzbekistan Zebiniso Sharipova – the known artist, who was awarded “Shukhrat” state medal and the silver medal of the Academy of Science of Uzbekistan, presented 50 works of painting, which are consonant to the colors of awakening and renewing nature on the eve of spring holiday Navruz. These include “Dedication to Omar Khayyam”, “Spring”, “Youth”, “Portrait of Madina”, “Feast”, “Still life with a jug”, etc.

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