Looking at the Art of the Young Painter

Issue #4 • 1314

Nuriddin Isaev got interested in painting already in his childhood years, when he spent a lot of time in the studio of his father who promised to teach him how to work with paints when he grew up. His first painting called “Wedding” Isaev created at age of 14. In 2001 Isaev entered the Republican Art College, the easel painting department, where his mentor was artist Hakim Karimovich Mirzaahmedov. Hard work and annual open-air studies produced results. Gradually, the amateur artist evolved into a professional painter.
The college ran an annual contest among its graduates, the winner receiving a government-sponsored scholarship at the Behzad National Institute of Arts and Design. Taking his chance, Isaev was awarded the first degree diploma of the contest and in 2004 was admitted to the monumental painting department of the Institute. Renowned artists such as Vladimir Burmakin, Orif Muinov, and Chori Bekmirov helped him acquire knowledge and experience. While still a student of the Institute, Isaev exhibited his works.
Of all that is beautiful in the world, sometimes it is not easy for an artist to find something that would appeal to his heart. Isaev found Samarqand, his native city where he grew up. Perhaps that is why for his bachelor’s degree work he chose “The History of Samarqand” theme. At first the painting may seem to be made in realistic manner, yet it conceals deep philosophical reflections of the author. With Samarqand architecture in the background, the picture’s main characters are children flying kites. They inhabit the left corner of the painting, while the opposite side shows grandmother with her granddaughter on a couch, embroidering a suzane. Overall, the piece is performed in warm colours, indicating the artist’s professional touch. In 2009 Isaev enrolled in the post-graduate program at the Institute to study with the famous painter, Professor Bahodyr Jalal.
In his works, Isaev celebrates his hometown. Beautiful nature, majolica on the architectural monuments, designs of the traditional suzane rugs, and even the Samarqand bread famous far beyond the city are the source of inspiration.
According to the artist, “the choice of colour is very important in painting. Searching for colour, I found the Samarqand bread that helped me create my Bachelor’s degree work, “The History of Samarqand”. One can say that the colour of our bread is truly unique and unrepeatable.”
Looking at the works of the young artist once may notice that his compositions are somewhat mysterious. Canvases “Memory” (Hotira), “Spring-time” (Bahor), and “Thoughts” (Hayol) portray people’s everyday life, which is communicated by the artist through shapes, and in some pieces – through colours. For instance, in “Thoughts” one can see an oriental woman preoccupied with everyday problems. A basket she carried on her head has a double meaning. Woman’s slim shoulders can bear not only a heavy basket, but also cares for all her family. Full Moon illuminating the land seems to be pointing that everything will work out for the better on the difficult road of life.
When artists create female characters, these are often pictured as goddess, beauties or muses. Isaev, however, sees a woman as a loving and caring mother, devoted wife and hearty granny, that is, ordinary women whose images he portrays on a canvas through his sensations and colour.
A note of oriental flavour sounds in his picture “Girlfriends”: their clothing and the delicate ornaments of their dresses seem enigmatic. Different lines on the canvas create rhythm and dynamism. The girl in the centre wears a crown, and her earrings àre wrought in traditional style. The skullcap on her right completes the composition. The painting also shows the fruits of a pomegranate. Since ancient times, pomegranate was pictured in the interiors of buildings, decorative ornaments, and embroideries, as pomegranate symbolizes fertility. As for the girls’ images, once can easily notice their eyes looking down – a sign of modesty.
The works by Nuriddin Isaev are original and convincing, which gives reason to believe that he is already an accomplished young artist with his own signature style.

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