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Issue #1 • 489

Levteyeva Larissa. The Rich History of Ancient Land
Tashkent, 2012. “San’at” Journal Publishers
The collection is compiled by the author and comprises articles she published at different times in the national periodicals. Material for the articles was sourced from the collections of the Tashkent City museums, which invest a major effort in reviving spiritual values of the Uzbek people and promoting their achievements abroad through international exhibitions. The book provides a brief overview of the Tashkent City museums. In Russian language.

Gilmanova Nafisa Valiahmetovna. Light and Color in Painting
Tashkent, 2012
The training manual aims to help architecture and design students develop a skill of depicting nature in all diversity of its colour palette, and exposing colour, light, and plastics of a realistic image. To illustrate the manual, the author uses her own works, as well as pieces created by Uzbek masters of painting, and the works of students made during training sessions in painting. In Uzbek and Russian languages.

Askarov Shukur Juraevich. Architecture of Uzbekistan and the CIS Countries
Tashkent, 2012. “San’at” Journal Publishers
The monograph covers the history of architecture in Uzbekistan from the XV century to the present. The author focuses on the stages of urban development, draws parallels between urban construction techniques and reviews reciprocal influences of architectural styles and trends in contemporary architecture. The monograph contains extensive illustrative and reference material. The book is intended for specialists in the field of architecture and all those interested in learning about architecture and urban planning. In Russian language.

The Contemporary Art Landscape in Uzbekistan
Tashkent, 2012. “San’at” Journal Publishers
The collection of articles presents materials describing the most important, from the authors’ point of view, processes in contemporary representational and traditional arts and crafts of Uzbekistan. Among the authors are renowned scholars such as Akbar Khakimov, Nigora Akhmedova, Elmira Gul, and S. Alieva, as well as young researchers.
The collection is intended for professionals, teachers and students of vocational art schools and for anyone interested in contemporary art of Uzbekistan. In Russian and Uzbek languages.

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