The TOP-ART-2010 Results

Issue #1 • 2068

The TOP-ART-2010 Results Throughout the year 2010 the best exhibition halls of the country delighted their visitors with wonderful displays and exhibitions, including personal, commemorative, and those organized in the framework of different festivals and contests. Foreign guests discovered the unique world of Uzbek art with keen interest.

The TOP-ART-2010 Results The year saturated with cultural events presented ample opportunities for artistic individuals to explore and express themselves and gave their fans a chance to partake from experiencing beauty.

On January 26, summarizing the results of the year, the Academy of Arts of Uzbekistan, following the established tradition, organized the annual awards ceremony for the prize winners of the most interesting artistic events, exhibitions and projects, pronounced the names of the best activists in the domain of arts and gave credit to journalists who covered cultural events of the country.

The TOP-ART-2010 Results The TOP-ART award ceremony is a spectacular festival that provides creative people with an opportunity to communicate and share ideas. This year’s ceremony was no exception, as it was conducted in a gala atmosphere that was warm and relaxed at the same time

Some of the Top-ART awardees shared their impressions with us.

Alexander Tyurin, the winner in the “Exhibition of the Year” nomination, says, “When visiting other countries and talking to artists I often notice the abundance of certificates, diplomas and prize statuettes, which generously mark their creative achievements. It is remarkable that our country has many artists and that now we also have the award ceremony. The Diploma itself proved worthy

The TOP-ART-2010 Results The TOP-ART-2010 Results Since TOP-ART has already become a tradition, I would suggest increasing the number of nominations, for example, to reward not only the best artist, but also the best piece of art, and do the same in each category, which would allow engaging a greater number of participants.”

Victor Akfsentyevich Vyatkin, the winner in the category “Museum Worker of the Year” noted, “If they say you are the best among many wonderful masters, then you have been able to move the souls of the audience and found your own way in art. Such recognition is valuable and provides stimulus for further growth

To get the TOP-ART nomination, it is not enough to simply draw a picture, set an exposition, or write a fine piece of art criticism. One must constantly keep up the spirit of searching, participate in exhibitions, festivals and contests. I think that events such as this are essential, as they boost confidence in one’s abilities.”

The TOP-ART-2010 Results The best set designer of the year Zubaidulla Botirov said, “The very idea of holding such event is very important. Not only does it boost the prestige of pictorial arts in our country, but it also encourages everyone – both renowned and beginner artists. The present ceremony was held at a high organizational standard. The only wish for the next year’s TOP-ART is to invite more people working in the domain of art. Not only painters, but also representatives of cinematography, theatre, music and literature… This could be a kind of promotion for the arts and the TOP-ART award ceremony itself.”

The Editorial Board congratulates the winners of the TOP-ART-2010. Here are their names

Photographer of the Year: Vladimir Goncharenko, Rustam Shagaev, Nabi Utarbekov

Artist of the Year: Ilkhom Otabaev

Sculptor of the Year: Zholdasbek Kuttymuratov

The TOP-ART-2010 Results Graphic Artist of the Year: Anvar Mamajanov

Designer of the Year: Gulnara Karimova

Master of the Year: Jamshid Gaipov

Stage Designer of the Year: Zubaidulla Batirov

Property Master of the Year: Nina Petrova

Make-up Artist of the Year: Mavjuda Rashidhojaeva

Ceramist Artist of the Year: Sharif Azimov, Anush Avakyan

Museum Workers of the Year: Victor Vyatkin

The TOP-ART-2010 Results Curator of the Year Akbar Khakimov

Art Critic of the Year: Rimma Yeremyan

Exposition Designer of the Year: Lobar Mirzabaeva

Restorer of the Year: Dilshod Azizov, Bakhodir Madaminov

Exhibition of the Year: Alexander Tyurin, “Dialogue”

Monument of the Year: “Kuhna va boqiy Buhoro” (“The Ancient and Eternal Bukhara”)

Museum of the Year: Uhe Ulugbek’s Observatory (Samarqand), the Museum of Applied Arts (Tashkent)

On the same evening credit was given to the best journalists who contributed substantially to promoting and covering the most important and simply interesting events in the artistic domain. They are:

The team of the “Yoshlar” TV channel

Inobat Egamkulova, Turkestan Press

Nazira Baimuradova, Ishonch Newspaper Irina Ribar, Pravda Vostoka newspaper

The TOP-ART-2010 Results Irina Ribar, Pravda Vostoka newspaper

Oksana Kadysheva, Pravda Vostoka newspaper

Dilorom Ikramova, Tashkent Oqshomi newspaper

Olga Kharchenko, Vecherniy Tashkent newspaper

Sarvara Kasimova, Uzbekiston Adabiyoti va San’ati newspaper

Zarbibi Choryeva, – Uzbekiston radio

Fazilat Ruzieva, Yoshlar radio

The TOP-ART-2010 Results Halima Akhmedova, Latif Suhbatlar TV show

Munisa Toshmatova, Tasvir va Taassurot TV show

Zebo Mirzaeva, Rangin Dunyo TV show

Manzura Muminova, Badiy ko’rgazmalar series of radio reports

Yulduz Mukhtarova, freelance journalist

Louisa Mahmudova, New Age Newspaper
The TOP-ART-2010 Results Yulia Logvina, Narodnoe Slovo newspaper

Gulchekhra Giyasova, O’zbekiston radio

Tamara Sanaeva, Mediakult website. The cultural life of Tashkent with Tamara Sanaeva

Umar Kurbanov,

Yevgeniy Sklyarevskiy, Letters of Tashkent website

The TOP-ART-2010 Results Natalia Krichagina, website

Lilia Nikolenko, website

Nigina Ergasheva, Uzbekistan Today

Sergey Savchuk-Kurbanov, Uzbekistan Today

We are confident that in 2011 the number of winners will be even greater, and the tradition of holding such events will carry on.

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