Chronicle of Art Life (July – December 2004)

Issue #3-4 • 2465

July 8 – 31
The exhibition “Labour. Industrial and rural landscape” was held at CMA. It was the first exhibition from the cycle “Retrospective vernissage. Illusions and reality”. (Painting and sculpture of Uzbekistan of the 1950s – 80s). The exposition included about one hundred pictures and sculptures from DAE’s collection. The visitors again saw the works of such famous masters, as U. Tansikbaev, N. Kuzibaev, R. Chariev, T. Oganesov, V. Burmakin and others. 

July 9 – 19
The personal exhibition of the artist on porcelain, Anvar Nugmanov “Bird of Happiness” was held at CEH. He devoted 50 years of his life to the work at the Tashkent porcelain factory, creating unforgettable products. Many works were awarded the prizes of the international fairs. For example, in 1977 he was given the gold medal and I diploma in Yugoslavia.

July 14 – 22
The exhibition of Haidarli Sanaev “Tabiat okanglari”(“Melodies of the nature”) was held at CEH. The exposition represented more than 100 works of the Uzbek artist, mainly landscapes of native sunny land.

July 15 – 31
The exhibition of “Masters of arts and crafts” from the cycle “National masters of Uzbekistan”, devoted to Year of Kindness and Mercy was held at CMA. The life masters of folk arts, H. Satimov (Gurumsarai), R. Matchanov (Khorezm), K. Haidarov (Kokand) and the professional artists working in folk traditions, S. Rakova (Samarkand), K. Zarshikova (Tashkent) and N. Nam (Tashkent), which jubilees were marked in 2004, represented their works.

July 19 – 27
The International Caravanserai of Culture by Ikuo Hiroyama hosted the exhibition of Iranian ceramics. The exposition included more than 100 art ceramics by Iranian masters Muhammad Mahdiy Anushvar and Suhailom Sa’boniy. The original vases, the Egyptian lamps, lustres, lyagans, carpets and many other products were among the exhibits. Ambassador Plenipotentiary and Extraordinary of Iran in Uzbekistan. Muhammad Fathali took part in the opening ceremony.

July 28 – August 8
“Light of the East” – the first stage of the XII Uzbek-Korean exhibition of modern art was held at CEH. The exposition represented about 200 works. The organizers – Association of Artists of the Republic of Korea and Academy of Arts of Uzbekistan supported by the Embassy of the Republic of Korea in Uzbekistan. The second stage of the exhibition was held on August, 4 – 10 at the gallery of Seijon Center Kuanhamun (Korea). 

August 9 – 16
The exhibition “Elated women: return of Amrita Sherghil” was held at CEH. Fifty contemporary artists of India represented their works. Many of them are the students and followers of the outstanding Indian artist, Amrita Sherghil who made the worthy contribution into history of world painting.

August 26 – September 26
The retrospective exhibition “Peace to your home”, devoted to the 13th – anniversary of Independence of the Republic of Uzbekistan, was held within the program of Year of Kindness and Mercy at CMA. The exposition represented the works of 200 Uzbekistan artists of different generations. Each hall was devoted to the independent topic – family and work, culture and daily life, customs and nature of Uzbekistan.

August 26 – September 26
The State museum of Applied Art of Uzbekistan held the exhibition “Continuation of traditions”. The exhibition represented the works of miniaturists, the Rahmatullaevs, Sunatill Pulatov, Gulnara Mahmudova; the products of woodcarvers – Sirojiddin Rahmatullaev, Kamil Turdikulov, Ziyaviddin Urmanbekov and Rahim Kosimov.

September 20 – 25
In Paris, at the city administration building the exhibition “Masters of Applied Art of Uzbekistan” was held. The exhibits were selected by the French experts – the mayor assistant to Paris XI district, Anna Brandi and the editor of the famous French publishing house, George Israel, which visited our country in June 2004. Arif Kadirov, the chairman of “Hunarmand” Association (Bukhara), embroiderer Sharofat Davletova, miniaturist Ubaidullah Kasimov and woodcarver Zinatullah Alembaev took part in the exhibition. The organizers – the Embassy of Uzbekistan in France, the Academy of Arts, the municipality of Paris, “Sen iolhiz emassan” and “Usto” funds.

September 22 – November 2
The personal exhibition of the famous theatre artist, Anatoly Jiboedova was held at CEH. The author staged more than one hundred plays. The exposition covered. The exhibition, devoted to the 65th – anniversary of the artist, represented more than 100 products, created for more than thirty years. The major subject – the East.

October 5 – 15
CEH held the exhibition of National artist of Uzbekistan, academician of AA Uz and AA Russia, professor, laureate of State premium, Rahim Ahmedov and his students. The exhibition was devoted to the 50-anniversary of art education in Uzbekistan. The exposition represented 300 works by more than 100 artists.

October 7 – 21
The State Museum of Applied Art hosted the exhibition “Traditions and Modernity” of the young ceramic masters, Azizjon Abdurahimov (Rishtan) and Abduvahid Karimov (Bukhara). They represented the variants of ancient ornaments and techniques used in modern products.

October 22 – November 2
The retrospective exhibition of National artist of Uzbekistan Nigmat Kuzibaev (1929-2004), dated to his 75th-anniversary was held at CEH. It was the first exhibition representing the work of the remarkable artist so fully. Many his works became the classics of Uzbek painting. Unfortunately, the artist died before the anniversary.

October 22-November 3
The mobile exhibition of the young artists from Slovakia and Uzbekistan “Why I am happy in this world” was held at the Republican Art College. The central idea of this action – propagation to the healthy life without drugs. The Charge d’Affaires a.i. of the Slovak Republic in Uzbekistan Peter Yuza took part in the opening ceremony and handed the special prize to the pupil of the Namangan Art Liceum B. Zokirov. Dilfuza Abidjanova received the souvenir. After Tashkent the exhibition will move to Nukus and will take a tour over the republic.

October 26 – November 15
The exhibition of ceramics “Rishtan kuzagars” from the cycle “Traditional crafts of Uzbekistan” represented the works of Ashurali Yuldashev, Kimsanbai Ganijonov and pupils at CMA. Both perfect ceramic masters are participants of numerous exhibitions. Their products decorate many museum collections.

October 29 – November 9
The personal exhibition of Timur Lashenov (1989), a pupil of the Kashkadarya Liceum of graphics and applied art (Shahrisabz), “My native land” was held at the Indian Cultural Center at the Embassy of India in Uzbekistan. The exhibition was organized through the agency of AA Uz. In 2001 the young artist became the winner of the International competition of children’s art “Shankar” in India.

November 5 – 12
The National festival of fine arts of Uzbekistan was held at CEH The organizers – Fund “Forum of culture and art of Uzbekistan” and AA Uz. The festival represented more than three hundred products of artists. The program of the exhibition included the seminar on video art, presentation of Nigora Akhmedova’s book “Painting of Central Asia in the 20th century: traditions, originality, dialogue”, master-class, “round table” of art – critics, etc. The participants of the festival were awarded the souvenirs and grants from Fund “Forum of culture and art of Uzbekistan”.

November 10 – 20
The exhibition of Peter Ivanovich Mordvintsev dated to his 75th – anniversary was held at CMA in the cycle “Our heritage”. The exposition represented about 100 works from DAE’s collection, the State Museum of Arts of Uzbekistan and the author’s private collection. The evening to the memory of the artist was held on the day of exhibition opening.

November 12
The final stage of competition “Poland by the eyes of young artists of Uzbekistan”, organized by Society of Friendship “Uzbekistan – Poland” and AA Uz through the support of the Embassy of Poland was accomplished at the Republican College of Design by A.Khodjaev, S.Rashidova, Chairman of Society of Friendship “Uzbekistan – Poland”, T.Kuziev, Chairman of AA Uz and Z.Kuhchak, Ambassador Plenipotentiary and Extraordinary of Poland took part in the opening ceremony of the exhibition representing the works of the winners. More than 100 works participated in the competition. They received a high estimation of the jury.

November 16 – November 22
The exhibition “Turkmen painting and traditional art” was held at CMA. The products of the late 19th – mid – 20th centuries – carpets, fabrics and jewelry produced by different ethnic groups living in Turkmenistan – Tekins, Iomuts, Chobdurs, Salors and others formed the exposition. The works of Turkmen artists graduating from Tashkent high art schools were also represented.

November 17 – December 15
Goethe Institute in Tashkent through the agency of AA Uz organized the unusual exposition at CEH – “Easy to do. Aalternative culture of the product”. Ambassador Plenipotentiary and Extraordinary of FRG Hans Eahim Kiderlen took part in the opening ceremony. The exhibition represented the new German design accenting the aspect “easy to do”. The program provided the master-class of German professor Jacob Gibert for the young designers.

November 18 – 28
CEH held the exhibition, devoted to the 75th-anniversary of the Republican Liceum of Fine and Applied Art. It is one of the oldest school in the republic training the experts in the field of art education.

November 25 – December 5
The exhibition hall of “Ilkhom” theatre, Center of Crafts “Khamsa” and Art-Gallery “Caravan” represented the personal exhibition of artist Shavkat Khakimov, exposing his works of 2000 – 2004.

November 26 – December 15
The personal exhibition of the young but already famous artist, the participant of numerous republican and foreign exhibitions, the graduate of the Italian Academy Belle arti Aldo Galli, Kamoldjon Babaev was held at CEH. He represented new pictures, graphic works and installations.

December 10 – 17
The exhibition of National artist of Kazakhstan Abilkhan Kasteev, devoted to the 100th – anniversary of this outstanding artist was held at CMA. The jubilee of the master was included in the International calendar of memorial dates and events of UNESCO for 2004. Ambassador Plenipotentiary and Extraordinary of Kazakhstan Tleukhan Kabdrahmanov took part in the opening ceremony.

December 17 – 24
Indian Cultural Center at the Embassy of India in Uzbekistan held the exhibition of famous Uzbek artist Zebinisso Sharipova. The exposition represented mainly the portraits, new and well known to the amateurs of art.

AA Uz – the Academy of Arts of Uzbekistan
CEH – Central Exhibition Hall
CMA – Center of Modern Art
THPh – Tashkent House of Phototograph
AED – Art Exhibitions Direction

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