Chronicle of Art Life (March – June 2003)

Issue #2 • 1864

March 31 – April 13
The exhibition of humoristic picture “Askiya – 2003″, devoted to the World Day of Laughter was held in CEH. The exposition presented works of fourteen artists in graphic, painting and photograph.

April 3 – 18
More than twenty works of B. Register were exposed at his personal photo – exhibition “Window to Samarkand ” held at the museum of S. Yesenin.

April 4 – 18
Anniversary personal exhibitions of the sculptor T. Esonov and the famous artist M. Tashmuratov were held at CEH. The exposition consisted of fifty sculptural and more than one hundred painting works.

April 9 – 23
About one hundred canvas, mainly, still – lives and portraits were exposed at the personal exhibition of R.Gagloeva at CEH.

April 16 – May 2
The exhibition “Einblicke. Germany for Children” organized by Goethe’s Institute was held at CMA. Seven objects of the exhibition (huge globe, big piece of cake, magic lantern, football field, fantastic lock, the egg of inventors, and mirror wall) helped children to receive interesting information on Germany following the way of pathfinders.

April 16 – May 5
At the theatre “Ilkhom” through the agency of the Art – gallery “Caravan” and the Center of Crafts “Khamsa” was held the personal exhibition “Arabesques of Djamol Usmanov”. Graphics, painting and installations, totally about fifty works of the famous artists were offered to the visitors.

April 17 – May 4
One hundred twenty works of the art photo master V. Sokolov were exposed at his personal exhibition “To You – With Love” at THP.

April 18 – May 1
“Signs of young graphic art of France” – under such name was held the exhibition of modern graphic design at CMA. Its organizers were the French cultural center of V. Hugo and Goethe’s Institute.

April 21 – 27
At CEH was arranged the celebratory program by “Day of Creativity”, which included the opening of the sculptural composition “Angels of Inspiration” of famous Uzbek sculptor, D. Ruzybaev and the exhibition “Dialogue of colleagues ” that consisted of more than two hundred painting, graphic and sculptural portraits and self – portraits of famous artists of Uzbekistan. At the same time was held the personal exhibition of N. Khusanov who exposed sixty placards on various problems.

April 25 – May 17
At CMA, within the program of Festival of National Crafts “Navruz – 2003″ was held the exhibition – presentation “Zarkent khas – savats”. The exposition consisted of the pieces of the ancient craft – weaving from wheaten straw.

April 25 – May 28
Problems of Aral Sea, problems of the family and nature of the native land found reflection in the works of the famous Karakalpak artist, the academician of the Academy of Arts of Uzbekistan, Z. Izentaev. His vernissage “My Karakalpakstan” was held at CEH.

April 29 – May 11
The exhibition “Masterpieces from the collection of the Nukus Museum” was held at CEH. Its exposition included one hundred eighty nine works of outstanding artists and graphic artists, including U. Tansykbaev, N. Karakhan, V. Ufimtsev, Usto – Mumin and the whole galaxy of the other brilliant artists. Many avant – garde and post avant-garde works from the collection of the State Museum of Arts of the Republic of Karakalpakstan of I. Savitsky were exposed for the first time. The exhibition was organized by the Academy of Arts of Uzbekistan, NNO “Friends of the Nukus Museum”, and UN Representation office in the Republic of Uzbekistan and the Ministry for Cultural Affairs of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

April 30 – May 22
Former Tashkent in the painting of V. Petrov was exposed at the exhibition “Let’s look again at the past…” held at the S. Yesenin’s Museum. It included fifty two works of the author.

May 5 – 18
The exhibition “Artist and Model” consisted of more than one hundred works in painting, graphics and sculpture and devoted to the International Day of Museums was held in CMA.

May 8 – 28
Sixty works were exposed at the personal exhibition of art photo of the poet and performer of author’s songs, the member of section of photo artists at AA of Uzbekistan, A. Kamensky “Where we only were…” held at THP.

May 14 – 21
In the Republican college of Design named after A. Khodzhaev in cooperation with the Embassy of the Slovak Republic in the Republic of Uzbekistan was held the exhibition “Children of Slovakia and Uzbekistan”, devoted to the 10 – anniversary of Uzbek – Slovak diplomatic relations. The Charge d’Affaires a.i. of the Slovak Republic, P.Yuza opened the exhibition.

May 15 – June 9
The personal exhibition of P. Annenkov, an artist, animator, book graphic artist, devoted to his 50 – years anniversary, was held at CEH. The exposition included one hundred works.

May 19 – 24
At the anniversary exhibition of M. Poruba held at CEH were exposed sixty works, among which were already known and pieces exposed for the first time. This is sculpture: portraits and subject compositions. The author works with different materials: gypsum, porcelain, chamotte, metal and wood.

May 19 – 29
“Borders” – a competition of young artists of Uzbekistan was held at CMA under the initiative of the Academy of Arts of Uzbekistan, the Swiss Cooperation Agency and the Embassy of Switzerland in the Republic of Uzbekistan. Were presented more than two hundred painting, graphic and sculptural works. Winners in three nominations became: E. Komilov (painting), K.Shosoidov (graphics) and H.Niezmetov (sculpture).

May 22 – 24
The exhibition of national applied arts “Creativity of the young” was held at CEH. Painting, sculpture, female folk costume, jewels, lacquer miniature, woodcarving and ganch were presented by students of professional college of Tashkent. The organizers of the exhibition were the Academy of Arts of Uzbekistan, the Ministry for high and secondary special education, Tashkent city Khokimiyat and Department of secondary professional education.

May 22 – June 5
At THP was held the exhibition of S. Vasselin “Earlier and on another way: my Normandy”. It exposed about fifty works of the photo artist. The organizers of the exhibition: the Academy of Arts of Uzbekistan, the Embassy of France in Uzbekistan, THP and CMA.

May 24 – June 24
Uzbekistan in vision of Italian photo master Vittore Fossati to spectators “Poetry of Space” was held in S. Yesenin’s Museum where were exhibited about fifty works. The opening ceremony was visited by the Deputy Chief of the Mission of the Embassy of Italy in the Republic of Uzbekistan Vittorio d’Innochenzo.

May 26 – June 6
The personal exhibitions “Araba of Happiness” of S. Abdullaeva and “Novel world of my soul” of U. Irmatova, a student of “Academia Magic Art” within the framework of the project “Spirit gate” was held at CMA. The exposition consisted of fifty painting works.

May 26 – June 6
Forty two works were exhibited at the personal exhibition of the artist Z.Sharipova in Brandenburg (Germany). This became possible due to assistance of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Uzbekistan and the Embassy of the Republic of Uzbekistan in Germany.

May 27 – June 2
At the annual traditional art exhibition – competition “Kamalak jilosi”, in CMA organized by the Direction of Art Exhibitions at AA of Uzbekistan jointly with the Center of Science and Education at the Embassy of Egypt in Uzbekistan and the International nongovernmental welfare fund “Soglom avlod uchun” were presented about two hundred fifty pictures and pieces of applied arts created by pupils of “Mekhribonlik uiy” houses in Uzbekistan. The first became I. Shevchenko, D. Fatikhov and S. Khudayarov.

May 27 – June 10
The art exhibition of works of Saint Petersburg high schools graduates devoted to the 300 – anniversary of the city was held at CEH. The exposition presented more than one hundred works in painting, sculpture and art pieces from crystal of such famous artists from Uzbekistan as R. Akhmedov, N. Kuzibaev, R. Charyev, S. Abdullaev, A. Ikramdjanov, T. Oganesov, R. Avakyan and many others. Organizers of the action: the Academy of Arts of Uzbekistan, Russian Cultural Center, Embassy of the Russian Federation, the Representation office of “Roszarubejcenter” and the Society of Friendship “Uzbekistan – Russia”.

May 30 – June 6
At the exhibition “Spring Breath of Fergana” were exposed pieces of applied arts and crafts – tapestries, in total about twenty five works as well as samples of stamping and ceramics, scarves from silk in style of “batic” and the collection of silk fabrics (shoyi, adras, atlas and sheeting). The exhibition was organized by CEH of AA Uz in cooperation with the Indian Cultural Center.

May 31 – June 25
Photo-exhibition “Let us be for ever”, devoted to the International Day of Children, was held in the Caravan-serai of Culture on the initiative of AA Uz and THP. The exposition presented about eighty works of such photo artists as T. Kuziev, V. Sokolov, V. Аn, A. Shepelin and others.

May 31 – June 9
The exhibition – competition of children’s pictures on a theme “Peace to the Planet” was held at CEH. Young artists, the 3 to 15 age bracket, from Tashkent and provinces of Uzbekistan took part in the competition. Among prize – winners there are Vlada Vintseva (5 years old); Anush Asiryan (8 years old) and Oxana Bedritskaya (12 years old).

June 1 – July 1
Forty four works of O. Zalevskaya were presented at her personal exhibition. Le Meredian Tashkent Palace Hotel hosted the exhibition.

June 4 – 9
At THP the International Photo – exhibition “Budapest – the mirror of our history” exposed about fifty works. The exhibition was prepared by AA Uz, THP, Tashkent Khokimiyat in cooperation with the Municipality of Budapest and Department of Protection of Hungary’s architectural heritage.

June 4 – 16
At CEH was held the exhibition “Spring Vernissage” of the creative group “Yangiobod 2003″ headed by I. Shin. The exposition presented about forty works.

June 5 – 20
“Wittiness and Mind” was a name of the traveling exhibition of Goethe’s Institute and the Design center of Munich held at CMA through the agency of the French Cultural Center of V. Hugo. The purpose of the exhibition was to emphasize a role of design in modern society, to show the newest design achievements in the German industry.

June 8 – 22
About one hundred works of scenography (painting, graphics and installations) were presented at CMA at the exhibition of recognized leader of theatre artists, G. Brim and his school “Love of Space”. G. Brim as the person of theatre was much skilful. He gave his knowledge to the students, which now follow to carry and realize the Brim’s gift – “to attract love of space to them”. Its organizers – the Center of Fine Arts “Chodir kaiol” and the Open Society Institute.

June 10 – 25
The exhibition devoted to the 70 – anniversary of the authors – the National artist of Uzbekistan O. Faizullaev, the master of carving and glyptic, and the artist P. Tokhirov was held at CEH.

June 11 – 17
Painting and graphics, totally about one hundred works, were exposed at the exhibition of artists from the Republic of Korea and Republic of Uzbekistan.

June 13 – 25
The exhibition “Drawing and Aquarelle” of Doctor of Arts, academician R. Taktash was held at the Scientific Research Institute of Fine Arts where were exposed twenty eight painting and graphic works. Organizers: AA Uz and Direction of Art Exhibitions.

AA Uz – The Academy of Arts of Uzbekistan
THP – Tashkent House of Photograph
CEH – Central Exhibition Hall
CMA – Center of Modern Art

Prepared by Yulia Tarasenko

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