Chronicle of Art Life (July – October 2002)

Issue #3 • 2013

July 10 – 29
The Central Exhibition Hall held the exhibition “OLGA” (“Forward”) of the designer O.Nikolaeva. More than 150 pieces of isographic, painting, graphics and design were exposed there. Structural bionics – a way of nature learning, definition of its structures, ideas and general plans became a subject of creative discovery of the artist.

July 10 – 29
Author’s Project of V. Apuhtin “Theatre of Painting of Desires Effectuated” has been generated and realized for 1999 – 2002. Its particularity is that more than 150 works in graphics and painting, exhibited in the Central Exhibition Hall, were created by the people, which had never before their meeting with V. Apuhtin had professional art experience. The purpose of the Project was to illustrate the words “To create means to realize person’s being”.

July 10 – August 15
At the exhibition “Flowers for Your Home” held in the Centre of Modern Art were exposed more than 200 works. Among them there were canvases, pieces of decorative applied arts, photo and compositions from natural flowers.

August 2 – 15
In the Centre of Modern Art were held the art exhibition and party of memory devoted to the 90th anniversary of the artists, Chingiz Akhmarov and Rashid Temurov. The exposition included 80 pieces from collections of the Art Exhibitions Board and private collections. Personal exhibitions offered to visitors are related to the cycle “Our Heritage”.

August 5 – 15
The Central Exhibition Hall presented about 200 works in painting, graphics, sculpture and mini plastics from its collection. Among the exhibits there were works of artists from old, middle and young generations – pictures of A. Abdullaev, L. Abdullaev, R. Ahmedov, R. Chariev, Dj. Umarbekov, B. Djalalov, S. Rahmetov, G. Kadirov and others.

August 7 – 15
The Central Exhibition Hall held the exhibition “Kampirtepa – the Bactrian city on the Oxus”, which was arranged by the Academy of Arts of Uzbekistan jointly with Japanese Agency for International Cooperation. There were photos of archeological site, coins, written records, ceramics, jewelry, art pieces, tools including products from Egypt, countries of the Eastern Mediterranean, Iran, India, Asia Minor and China. The scientific chief of the exhibition – Academician E. Rtveladze. The author of photo works – A. Shepelin.

August 16 – 18
Photo exhibition “Beautiful Eyes” was held in the Center of Modern Art through the agency of NNO “Soglom avlod uchun” and Japanese company “Goro International Press”.

August 16 – 29
At the photo exhibition “India… With Respect for Ancient Culture”, which was held in the Indian Cultural Centre, were exposed about 30 photo pieces of the famous artist and master of art photo T. Kuziev, whose works bear high professionalism and delicate style.

August 19 – September 2
“SovPlastItal” for the Years of Independence” was a title of the exhibition held in the Central Exhibition Hall. Permanently growing assortment of goods manufactured by JV “SovPlastItal” was presented by products for garden, house, children as well as watches, decorative vases, souvenirs, artificial flowers and trees, coloured glass, ceramics, porcelain, industrial goods, pieces of New Year decoration etc.

August 23 – September 7
At the art gallery “Uzbek – Art” were exposed graphic works of M.Agaeva (Azerbaijan), who participated in tens of republican and foreign exhibitions. Her graphics bears dignity, taste and sincerity of feelings. The exhibition was arranged jointly with the Embassy of Azerbaijan. The artist was awarded the Diploma of the Academy of Arts of Uzbekistan.

August 24 – 30
In the Centre of Modern Art was held the first Republican Photo Competition “My Beloved City of Tashkent” founded by the City Khokimiyat, the Academy of Arts of Uzbekistan and Tashkent House of Photo. The purpose of the Photo Competition was to renew the tradition of photo fixation of native history. 160 works made by 25 photo artists for the last 10 years were given to the competition. Among photo artists having bracketed for the prize there are S. Karandaev, A. Turaev, U. Ahmedova, V.Ermakov, V. Mesnyakov, I. Sadik-Zade and A.Zhumaev.

August 27 – September 15
60 photo pieces were presented at the personal exhibition of Moldavian photo artist, Valeriy Volontir “The People of Moldova”, which was held in the Centre of Modern Art through the agency of the Academy of Arts of Uzbekistan and the Embassy of Moldova. The exposition bore the interesting theme and realistic subjects. The ambassador of Moldova, E. Kilar and T. Kuziev visited the opening ceremony.

August 29 – September 15
The exhibition “Valley of Legends. Surkhandarya” devoted to the Independence Day of the Republic of Uzbekistan, which was held in the Centre of Modern Art, exposed archeological artifacts from the collection of the Scientific Research Institute of Fine Arts found at the excavations of Airtam, Dalverzintepa, Khalchayan, Kampirtepa, Budrach and other settlements. They gave impressive information on antique and medieval art of this enigmatic region.

September 6 – 22
In the Central Exhibition Hall was held the I Republican Youth Exhibition “Navkiron Uzbekiston” timed to the celebration of the 11th anniversary of the Independence of the Republic of Uzbekistan. The project involved young (under 35) artists having represented all viloyats of Uzbekistan and Karakalpakstan. Around 100 persons working in painting, graphics, sculpture, decorative applied arts, design, installation, photo, computer graphics and textile presented different fields and style variety of Uzbek art.

September 7 – 21
The Medical Centre of A.Nazarov “ANIK” hosted the personal exhibition of the artist D. Novakov where were exposed 33 graphic works.

September 9 – 16
The Center of Modern Art held the exhibition of ancient coins from the collection NBU where were exposed 240 ancient gold, silver abd copper coins with original symbols and inscriptions. About 20 pictures were also presented at the exhibition.

September 10 – 22
More than 30 works of A. Mahkamov working in the genre of “oriental miniature” were exposed in the Central Exhibition Hall. In his works the artist turns to the history of Uzbekistan and subjects of oriental literature.

September 15 – 30
In the home-museum of Ural Tansikbaev was held the personal exhibition of Constantine Mandalaka. The exposition presented 70 works in graphics and painting.

September 18 – October 1
In the Centre of Modern Art was held the exhibition of placards “Rebuff to Right Extreme Forces” arranged by the Goethe’s Institute.

September 21
The Academy of Arts of Uzbekistan and Tashkent House of the Roerichs held the meeting in the Center of Modern Art devoted to the history of Roerichs family’s heritage and establishment of the International Centre of the Roerichs.

September 27 – October 6
In the Central Exhibition Hall was held the I Tashkent International Competition of Children’s Painting. Young artists from 26 countries took part in the competition. The International Exhibitions Board received more than 3 thousand pictures on the theme “Me and My Mummy”. (Detailed information on the competition and its results is being published in the next issue of our journal).

Prepared by Julia Tarasenko

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