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Issue #4 • 1183

20 August – 22 September, London (UK)

As part of the International Architecture and Design Festival, London hosted an exhibition called “Magnetism of Lines”, in which Uzbek photographers Viktor Vyatkin and Vladimir Goncharenko also participated.  In cooperation with foreign embassies in London and culture promotion institutions, the British Council presented architectural and design projects from more than 50 countries to demonstrate the value of good architecture for society.  The authors from Uzbekistan presented a series of black and white photographs showing traditional and contemporary architecture of their country, where, according to the authors’ idea, lines engage in a perpetual dialogue between vertical and horizontal.


26 September – 10 October, the ICC

Solo exhibition of paintings by architect Valeriy Kuznetsov exposed to the audience the captivating colours of our native land.  This small-scale yet capacious exposition was organized by the Academy of Arts of Uzbekistan and the Ikuo Hirayama International Caravanserai of Culture.  A distinctive feature of all Kuznetsov’s works is his ability to convey the sentiment and the slightest nuances in nature’s state on a canvas.  Landscape is one of the author’s favourite genres, which is reflected, specifically, in his works such as “Aktash: Ravine”, “Early Morning”, “Charvak: View from the Road”, and “Mountain: Mudflow”.


3-8 October, CEH

An exhibition of Chinese Painting was initiated by the Embassy of the PRC, the Council of friendship societies for promoting Uzbekistan’s cultural and educational links with foreign countries, the Uzbek-Chinese “Elektron Hisoblagich” joint venture company, and the AAUz.  The display was organized as part of events marking the 20th anniversary of diplomatic relations between the People’s Republic of China and the Republic of Uzbekistan.  The works of the masters, primarily in black and white, show the natural scenery of their native land with poeticism and profound philosophy.  The beauty of mountains is glorified by Huang Zhisheng; Lin Rongsheng focuses on the life of the farmers; while Zhang Zhikiang and Chen Ping, the Vice-President of the Central Academy of Arts of China, dedicate their paintings to birds and flowers.


16-20 October, CEH

The spirit of one of the oldest and unique oriental arts was communicated by the exposition called “The Elegance of Korean Calligraphy”.  It was organized by the AAUz together with the Art Exhibitions Directorate and the Embassy of the Republic of Korea to Uzbekistan.  Hangyl, the Korean writing system included in the UNESCO World Heritage List, is 1500 years old.  It originates from the Chinese script that used to be the only one in East Asia.  Hangyl is an academic art distinctively characterized by the picturing of sky, earth, and man, which requires the utmost discipline, artistry and spirituality from the master.  The display presented more than 180 works of the famous Korea’s artists, members of the Korean Union of Calligraphy, as well as of the country’s former Prime Minister Mr. Chong Won Sik.  Among the works are “Prayer” and “Saying of the Zen Master Ham Wol” by Cho Khen Pkhan, and “Sunbeams Intertwined on a Stone Wall” by Kan Bo Be.


18 October – 18 November, FAGU

A solo exhibition “Times and Life-paths” was dedicated to the 60th anniversary of the People’s Artist of Uzbekistan Akmal Ikramjanov.  Portraits created by the master reflect the inner world of his characters (“The Portrait of Chingiz Akhmarov”, “The Portrait of Madina”, and a series of self-portraits).  Quite interesting are the artist’s landscapes: triptych “Melody of the Earth”, “Baisun”, and a series dedicated to Surkhandarya, as well as his still-life paintings that reflect the artist’s desire to enliven the objects and put them together in a single organism.  A phase in his art that began in the 1990s is characterized by his quest for new themes, as well as by stronger allegorical and symbolic “sound”: diptychs “Night and Day”, “The Temptation of Heavens”, “Melody We Do Not Hear”, “Dream”, etc.


23 October – 23 November, THP

Photo exhibition “Shanghai, The Pearl of the Orient and the Sister City of Tashkent” was organized by the AAUz, the Shanghai Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries, the Council of friendship societies for promoting Uzbekistan’s cultural and educational links with foreign countries, and the Tashkent House of Photography.  The exposition ran as part of the celebrations marking the 20th anniversary of the Uzbek-Chinese diplomatic relations.  120 works grouped thematically tell the photographers’ story about one of the largest cities in China and the most populous city in the world.  Shanghai brings together ultramodern architecture, financial progress and ancient cultural traditions, as evidenced by the displayed pictures.


25 October, ICC

Tribute to the memory of the famous artist, research scholar and a public figure Ikuo Hirayama was an exhibition titled “Life and Work of Ikuo Hirayama: Uzbekistan, Japan and the Great Silk Road”.  The opening ceremony was attended by the artist’s widow Michiko Hirayama, Director of the Ikuo Hirayama’s GreatSilk RoadMuseum in Japan.  The display presented not only the artist’s works created in traditional Nihonga technique (a mixture of pigments and glue), but also personal things of the master, such as paints, crayons and brushes.  Some of the pictures were also displayed in the House of Young People’s Art.  The works included “Caravan to Palmyra”, “Dunhuang Grottoes”, “Fuji”, “Ancient Rome: Ephesus”, and others.


30 October – 9 November, CEH

The solo exhibition “Bella Italia” of the artist Dilshod Azizov exhibited paintings, drawings and photographs showing Italy captured by the author, who went there on a training programme.  These are architectural monuments of Rome, Florence, Milan, and Como, as well as vivid portrait images and daily life scenery of urban Italy (Triptych “Colosseum”, “Rome: The Castle of San Angelo”, “A Girl from Florence”, “Carnival”, “Kiss”).

In the Uffizi Gallery in Florence, where his training was taking place, Azizov produced a copy of Raphael’s “Madonna and Child” and also took part in the restoration of the “Ascension” fresco by the famous Renaissance master Giorgio Vasari in the Santa Maria del Fiore Cathedral.


10-20 November, the Behzad Memorial Garden-Museum

Over 70 watercolour paintings – landscape and still life – were presented at the “Artist and Mystery” solo exhibition of Anorkul Boybekov, chair of the Syrdarya branch of the Artists Union of Uzbekistan. His works were displayed at many international exhibitions – in Japan, Malaysia, the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Russia, China and other countries.  Having excelled in watercolour technique, Boybekov puts on paper his airy and lyrical pieces, full of light.  These include “Autumnal Syrdarya”, “Winter in the Village”, “Breeze”, “After the Rain”, and “Meeting”.  Many of his works have miniature format, but this does not impede the artist in exposing the beauty and scope of the homeland panorama with its rich colour palette, even in this little space.


16 November – 12 December, CEH

The now traditional “Artists and Nature” exhibition presented more than 200 paintings and drawings of 100 artists inspired by their native land, rich in colours, themes and images.  Many years ago, artists Y. Chernyshov, Y. Strelnikov and E. Melnikov glorified nature in their works.  Today the initiative is carried on by Y. Salpinkidi, R. Gagloeva, I. Shin, A. Mirsagatov and others.  Landscapes, though not so often, become the subject of spiritual quest and creative development for M. Tojimirzaev and D. Mamedova, the younger generation masters. Every piece on the display reflects the authors’ universe and experiences from their contact with majestic natural scenery, and the audience can partake in it through the works such as “Romantic Landscape”, “Autumn”, and “At the Top” by water-colourist M. Sadykov; “Chirchik River”, and “The Evening Hour” by A. Mirsagatov; “Sijak”, and “Time of Change” by V. Chub; “Lilac”, “Wade”, and “Evening in the Canyon” by V. Yenin, etc.


20-30 November, the Behzad Memorial Garden-Museum

“The Crossroads of the Worlds” was the title of a solo painting exhibition of Umida Irmatova, an active participant of the national exhibitions run by the AAUz, and the author of the “Genesis” series.  Her works are characterized by subtle lyricism and powerful emotional charge implemented in the symbols of the universe.  Irmatova also paints still-life and landscapes.  Quite interesting are the exhibited series “Avesto” and “Zoroastrianism”, her canvases “The Mysteriousness of Orient”, “Motherhood”, “Pomegranates” and “Wildflowers”.


21 November – 5 December, THP

More than 80 works – painting, drawing, theatrical set design, book illustration, poster, and modelling – revealed to the audience the multifaceted talent of Anatoliy Slugin, the renowned artist and winner of the Gold Medal of the AAUz.   The solo exhibition dedicated to the master’s anniversary ran under the motto “The Earth is a Stage, and Its People – the Actors”.  For more than 40 years Slugin worked as stage designer in many leading theatres of Uzbekistan and the CIS countries.  His sketches expose the richness of dramatic characters (“Hamlet”, “Boris Godunov”, “Prometheus”, “Medea”).  One cannot miss the women’s portraits (“The Fire Widow and the Fishermen of Aral”), or works such as “Lunar Calendar”, “The Key of Knowledge”, and “Predestination”.


27 November – 10 December, CEH

The reporting exhibition “The Blue Bird of Fortune” of the decorative and applied arts section masters displayed the works in animalist genre.  The artists implemented their fantasies in ceramics and silk.  Among the exhibits are decorative batik panels by Alexandra Rano Kist “Autumn Leaves”, “Child’s Dream”, “Pearls” and “Fish”; ceramics and chamotte pieces “Journey” and “Gaterin” by Nazira Kuzieva; “Buffalo”, “Salamander” and “John” by Anush Avakyan; “A Thousand and one Night” and “The Wanderer” by Lyudmila Kozlova; and “Birds of Paradise with Orchids” by Natalia Domantsevich.

10-15 December, HYPA

The IV International Tashkent Bienniale of children’s art, “The Joys of Tashkent”, presented the works of young artists from 27 countries. The event was organized by the AAUz, the “Forum for Culture and Art of Uzbekistan” Foundation, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Public Education of Uzbekistan. The exposition was quite diverse not only in themes and subjects, but also in techniques: watercolour, oil, crayon, pencil, ink… The works created by Uzbek children (landscape, still-life, portrait, and composition), and children from Japan, China, Germany, Belarus, Russia, Egypt, Austria, France, Israel and other countries, were dedicated to the theme of friendship that unites people of different countries.


10-25 December, THP

More than 40 photographs presented at the solo exhibition of a young author Muhayo Alieva expose the rich inner world her female characters who dedicated their lives to cinema and stage. Among them are the People’s Artists of Uzbekistan Tuti Yusupova, Aziza Bekmatova, and Rikhsi Ibrohimova; the Honoured Artists Gulchekhra Sagdullaeva, Rayhon Turaeva and others.


12-25 December, ICC

A solo exhibition, “The Melody of My Soul”, of the painter Tashpulat Namazov who chairs the Artists Union of Shahrisabz District, KashkadaryaProvince, was dedicated to the Strong Family Year. It also displayed handmade items featuring traditional embroidery of bright and colorful designs typical of Kashkadarya and Shakhrisabz, created by his wife and daughter –Shahodat Yuldasheva and Malika Namazova. The exhibition was organized by the AAUz, the Artists Union of Uzbekistan, and the Ikuo Hirayama International Caravanserai of Culture. Among the works of Tashpulat Namazov are landscapes “Autumn”, “MountainVillage”, and “The Old House”, as well as paintings provoking thoughts about the meaning of human life, and man’s purpose (“Time”, “Angel”).


13 December, ICC

Celebrating the 20th anniversary of the diplomatic relations between Japan and the Republic of Uzbekistan, as well as the 10th anniversary of the International Caravanserai of Culture, H.E. Yoshihiso Kuroda, the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Japan to Uzbekistan presented the Certificate of Honour of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan, signed by its Minister H. E. Koichiro Gemba, to the ICC where the ceremony took place.

Yoshihiso Kuroda and Akmal Nuridinov, Chair of the AAUz, acknowledged the important role of the Caravanserai in the cultural and academic exchange between the two countries through the programs in the domain of culture, art and archaeology, as well as in developing the relations of friendship between Uzbekistan and Japan. Over the 10 years the ICC hosted many interesting projects, academic conferences and symposia.


18 December – 31 January, CEH

The Exhibition of the academician artists, “The Flight of Ideas”, dedicated to the 15th anniversary of the Academy of Arts of Uzbekistan, introduced its visitors to the process of the artists’ creative inquiry. The exhibited works stand out in their rich imagination and colours, as well as generic, thematic and stylistic diversity. These include applied art items created by renowned ceramists Sh. Yusupov, Sh. Muminova, A. Rahimov, and A. Narzullaev; and wood-carving master O. Faizullaev. Painting was very well represented at the display by the academicians’ works from the assets of the Art Exhibitions Directorate; the distinctive quality of these works is the combination of academism with Oriental philosophy and culture, the blend of the national and universally human. Among them are the paintings by R. Choryev (“The Portrait of the Old Man from Sayrob”, “The Portrait of the Artist Shavkat Abdusalomov”), Zh. Izentaev (“Noon in Bugen”, “Wedding”), M. Kagarov (“Secret”, “Guest”), N. Shin (“Sukok River Flows”, and the seasons series), and A. Abdullaev (“The Portrait of the Writer Shukhrat”, “Self-Portrait: Laughing”). Searching for Self can also be seen in the works of contemporary masters such as A. Nur (“My Mother”, “Heavens Divine”, “From Heart to Heart”), V. Burmakin (“Faina Yusupova”, “Saxophonist Arslan Haydarov”), S. Rahmetov (“My Ancestors”, “The Portrait of the Sculptor A. Hatamov”), M. Sadykov (“The White Bukhara”, “Morning”, “The Last Ray”), J. Umarbekov (“Red Teahouse”, triptych “Renaissance”), and others.

21 December – 21 January, FAGU

Exhibition of paintings, watercolours and drawings, “The World of Many Faces”, takes one on a journey not only across countries, but also through the inner world of the artists.  The works of the artists of different generations created in a variety of styles get the viewer’s attention by their imaginativeness, rich colour palette, expressivity, and profound psychological insights into the portrayed characters.  The works are inspired by architectural monuments, mountains, rural landscapes and seascapes. Among the displayed works are: “The Water of Venice” and “Paros” by V. Troshina; “Heavenly Ponds” and “The Paris Cathedral” by V. Yenin; “Across Italy” series by M. Sadykov; “Misshapen House in Sopot” by R. Azizov; “Brooklyn Bridge Festival” and “On the Shore of New York” by A. Mirzo; “Noon” by S. Kurtjemil; “Lake Nero” by A. Alikulov; and many others.

22-28 December, THP

Daily labour, lifestyle and rural festivals are pictured in the works of renowned artists of Turkmenistan. Their works synthesize realism and avant-garde, decorative elements, philosophical vision of the world and adherence to the customs and traditions of their land.  The exhibition displayed works such as “The Bride”, “Guests” and “Wedding” by Bayberdy Berdiev; “Nuhur” series by Mamed Yarmamedov, “Silence 1” and “Lunar Mountains” by Annageldy Jumaniyazov, “Starry Night”, “Orient” and “Saxaul Grove” by Dilorom Yakubova, etc.


25 December 2012 – 25 January 2013, National Arts Centre (NAC)


For the first time, the “Poetry of Line” exhibition that opened on the New Year’s Eve at the National Arts Centre presented the graphic art heritage of the outstanding Uzbek artist Chingiz Akhmarov. The exhibition dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the master displayed the previously unexposed works from Akhmarov’s memorial studio, as well as from private collections – altogether over 70 drawings created ​​in different years. Akhmarov’s graphic art combines oriental poetry and music, gracefulness and purity of lines, minimalism and mysticism of the East…  In the framework of the exhibition the artist’s former colleagues and students, as well as art critics and promoters gathered for a memorial evening.  The exhibition was organized by the Forum foundation, the “IJOD” Association of Artists, Art Critics and Craftsmen, and the “MEROS” Association of Antiquarians of Uzbekistan.



AAUz – the Academy of Arts of Uzbekistan

CEH – the Central Exhibition Hall

FAGU – the Fine Arts Gallery of Uzbekistan

THP – the Tashkent House of Photography

ICC – the International Caravanserai of Culture

HYPA – the House of Young People’s Art


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