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Issue #3 • 1065

June 12- 26, THP

A personal exhibition of Ulugbek Baltabaev, the famous muralist, painter and graphic artist, and the holder of the Mehnat Shuhrati Order, introduced the audience to his subject compositions, portraits, landscapes and drawings created in the last 5 years (about 200 items).  The exhibition was organized by the Academy of Arts of Uzbekistan (AAUz), the Artists Union, and the Tashkent House of Photography.  Baltabaev’s art is characterized by monumental composition structure, laconic form (“Persimmon Seller”, “Build a New House”), insightful rendering of nature, human character and sentiment (“Silence”, “Purple Evening”, “Portrait of a Veteran”).  The master’s drawings are filled with deep philosophical meaning.

June 23 – July 7, THP

The “Iztirob Aksi” personal exhibition of Shamsiddin Alikulov, the artist from Karshi, presented over 60 paintings, catching the eye by surprising combination of different styles and specific philosophical mood.  Alikulov is a member of the Artists Union and participant of numerous exhibitions at home and abroad.  In his art, he pursues both avant-guarde (“Venus”, “Musicians”), and realistic portrayal (“Still-life with White Roses”, “Kashkadarya, KarshiBridge”).  A special place in his art is given to self-portraits and portraits of his contemporaries (“Teacher”, “Father”, “Van Gogh and I”, and others).

June 28 – July 13, Culture and Art Exhibition

More than 40 studies at a personal exhibition of painter Ibrahim Valihojaev, “21 Days in Montenegro”, showed the majestic and austere beauty of the mountains, the poetry of the sea and ancient monuments of Montenegro, which hosted the International Plein Air event “Montenegro 2012”.  Valihojaev took part in the event on the invitation of the International Cultural Heritage Foundation.  His works such as “The Shore of Kotor Bay”, “St George’sIsland”, “BellTower in Perast” and others reflect his love of the avant-garde, sound compositional skill, and generalized shape sublimated by the artist to a symbol.

June 29 – July 12, THP

The 12th “reporting” exhibition of graduates of art photography studio under the THP is the result of creative inquiry of the young people who chosen camera lense as means for expressing their thoughts and feelings.  About 200 items by 20 authors represent artistic search in the domain of art- and conceptual portrait, social photography, landscape, still-life, and documentary photography.  Among other pictures, quite appealing are the ”Silence” and “After the Rain” by Yulia Fedyasheva; “Talking to the Bear” and “A Short Break” by Darya Fayzieva; and “Great-grandsons of the Victory” series by Nigorabonu Iminova.

July 6 – August 5, CEH

A retrospective exhibition of Uzbekistan’s master-craftsmen, already third in 2012, was organized on the initiative of the AAUz and Art Exhibitions Directorate.  A unique project, “Our Heritage: Masters of Arts of Uzbekistan”, was dedicated to the 1960s generation of artists.  Displayed items included applied arts, painting and sculpture.  Among other items, the exhibition presented the art of the outstanding painter and the People’s Artist of Uzbekistan, Academician Ruzy Charyev (“Surkhandarya Bride”, “Karnai Players”, “Winter”, and “The Symbol of India” triptych), a paintings series by I. Kim (“Confession”, “The Story of Life”, “Father’s Portrait”), and works by E. Aliev (bas-relief “Motherhood” and “The Portrait of a Girl” sculpture).

July 7-16, THP

The solo exhibition titled “Oasis and Colour Blue” of Yoon Keng A, the woman-artist from South Korea holding doctor’s degree in jewellery-making from Dongshin University, was organized by the AAUz and the THP, displaying 30 pieces of jewellery and 14 graphic works of the master.  All the works by Yoon Keng A are united by a single idea – communicate through the blue color the purity and beauty of nature and human relations.

July 8-31, ICC (International Caravanserai of Culture)

Traditional textiles acquired new glamour on the display called “The Uzbek Atlas and Adras through the Eyes of Japanese Masters”.  The exhibition was organized by the AAUz, the Embassy of Japan in Uzbekistan, the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), representative office of the Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) in Tashkent, the Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology, and the Ikuo Hirayama ICC.  The exhibition was held as part of the project “Extra Income Generation for the Fergana Sericulture Farmers” initiated by JICA and implemented jointly with the Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology.

July 10 – August 10, the Behzad Memorial Garden-Museum

The exhibition called “Uzbekistan, My Destiny, My Joy, My Dear Homeland” presented over 70 works by miniature artists Davronbek and Davlatbek Toshevs from Bukhara.  The brothers have achieved great success in mastering one of the ancient arts – oriental miniature painting. Their works were exhibited at international exhibitions in France, Switzerland and other countries.  A special place in the Toshevs’ art belongs to miniatures inspired by the works of the great poets of the past – Alisher Navoi, Omar Khayam, and others.

August 3-23, CEH

A retrospective display from the collection of the Art Exhibitions Directorate, “The Masters of Arts of Uzbekistan: The 1970s Generation”, completed the “Our Heritage” exhibition series dedicated to the art of the local masters, which was organized by the Art Exhibitions Directorate and the AAUz.  More than 150 paintings and sculptures tell about creative pursuits of artists of that time, their philosophical insight into the times of change, problems of war and peace, modern society, and environment.  The Opening Day was a tribute to the masters who passed away untimely.  Among them are Shukhrat Abdurashidov, A. Stepanov, Ravil Karimov, Orif Muinov, B. Shodyeva, Makhsut Tohtaev, Viktor Gubskiy…

August 7-23, CEH

More than 40 paintings were presented at the personal exhibition of the Fergana master Muhammad Jurabaev, “The Holy Land”.  His works are often displayed at national exhibitions, and many of them are kept in museum and private collections in Uzbekistan, USA, UK, Germany, Russia, and South Korea.  Jurabaev is the fan of Benkov’s art, his Samarqand landscapes and Bukhara studies.  Following this outstanding lead, Jurabaev seeks to develop his own manner in communicating the beauty of the land and its people.  His works include landscapes, still-life paintings, and portraits: “A Girl with Grapes”, “The Portrait of Kumush”, “The Portrait of Tamara Khanum, etc.


August 17-27, the Behzad Memorial Garden-Museum

An exhibition called “Tribute to the Master” was dedicated to the 100th anniversary of Genghis Akhmarov, one of the most remarkable representatives of the XX century pictorial art.  His monumental pieces created in the interior of the Alisher Navoi State Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre, and in the Culture Centres of Russia, Ukraine and other countries stand out in their poeticism and graceful line.  Owing to Akhmarov’s efforts, the Kamollidin Behzad’s school of oriental miniature painting was revived.  Light- and deep-blue colours create a special atmosphere in Akhmarov’s canvases, alluding to the sky and water – the source of life (“Dancer Against Blue Background”, “Spring-time”, “Young Mother”, “Ibn Sino”).

More than 60 paintings of the artist – drawings, paintings, sketches – which were never displayed before, were provided for the show by the Art Exhibitions Directorate and private collectors.  Also on display were the works of Akmal Nur, Javlon Umarbekov, Akmal Ikramjanov, Sodik Rakhmonov and other artists who continue the work of the great master.

August 22 – September 4, the House of Young People’s Art (HYPA)

The Fifth Festival of traditional and contemporary art “Navkiron Uzbekiston” brought together centuries-old folk art traditions and innovations in architecture and design, as well as video-art, installation, sculpture, photography, painting, etc.  350 young authors presented to the audience and the jury over 2,500 works, which were displayed in the HYPA’s three exhibition halls.  Each item is unique.  Among them are design projects of the higher school of choreography (D. Sorokina), architectural environment of “Jeiran” eco-centre in BukharaProvince (A. Filyaeva), and a park area in Tashkent city of (A. Kosyanenko).  The audience’s attention was attracted to oriental jewellery made of metal by F. Yusupova and R. Azizov, and of ceramics – by H. Salahitdinova; hand-painted clocks and pumpkin-lamps by S. Haydarov; apparel collections “Transformation” by I. Son, and “Graphic Mirage” by Z. Khojaeva; and original video-art pieces – “Sithartha” by V. Kim and R. Ibragimova, and “Shadows of the Past” by K. Tyurin.

During the festival, eager visitors could take part in workshops and master-class sessions delivered by renowned artists.

24 August – 9 September, ICC

A solo exhibition of ceramist Anush Avakyan, displaying more than 50 of her works (“Ihtus”, “The Old Men”, “Eno”, “Carmen”, The Planet”, etc.) invites one to change the established notion of arts and crafts, and look at the world from a different perspective.  The exhibition was organized by the AAUz, the Artists Union and the ICC.  A graduate of St. Petersburg State Academy of Arts and Crafts named after Baron von Stieglitz, Avakyan is a regular participant of national and international exhibitions.  Her works are characterized by the conventionality of form, rich associative and metaphorical content, simplicity, and monochrome colouring.

September 8-12, Nukus City

The Central Hall of the Karakalpak branch of the Academy of Arts hosted a solo exhibition dedicated to the Year of the Family.  Thematic display called “Motherland is I, Motherland is You” was presented by Nodir Normatov, writer and holder of Mehnat Shuhrati Order; photo-presentation of S. Dekhkanov was titled “And Only Love Remains”, and of a photo-artist N. Baymurodova – “My Momeland, the Gem of My Soul”.

The exhibition is a kind of a photo-essay telling about the ordinary workers of Uzbekistan, farmers, craftsmen, people of arts…  The works of its participants show the vivid images of our contemporaries, present family values ​​and traditions, and the beauty of their native land.  Quite interesting are the portraits of seniors and of the young generation.

Not long before the event, N. Normatov and S. Dekhkanov ran outreach photo exhibitions in Surkhandarya, and the new show continued the initiative.

September 13-28, FAGU

Personal exhibition of Bakhtiyar Nazarov “The Chosen Path” is dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the artist, who devoted his life to cinema, painting and graphic arts.  Graduate of the Ben’kov National Art School, he later completed his studies at the VGIK’s cinematographic design department, under famous masters such as Yuriy Pimenov, M. Bogdanov, and I. Shpinel.  For more than 35 years he worked at the Uzbekfilm studio as chief artist-designer.  About 140 works included in the display tell about the master’s career and characterize him as an artist who knows how to bring together on a canvas light sketchy-ness and deep psychological insight, Oriental and European cultures, and different painting schools.  Among his works are sketches for films, portraits of Uzbekistan’s intellectuals, paintings from series inspired by his visits to China and Morocco, and graphic pieces.

September 18-28, the Behzad Memorial Garden-Museum

Anniversary exhibition “Artists as Art Patrons” was dedicated to the 96th anniversary of Malik Nabiev, the People’s Artist of Uzbekistan, one of the most prominent figures in the country’s fine arts history.  Among the 23 works from private collections are portraits of Biruni, Amir Timur, Babur, as well as of ordinary people; many of these were inspired by his impressions from his visits to India and Cuba.  Nabiev’s paintings are kept in museum collections all over the world, and were displayed overseas many times.  His art received due recognition: Nabiev was awarded the Mehnat Shuhrati medal and the Buyuk Hizmatlari Uchun Order.  To the end of his life he was sharing his knowledge and experience with young people, first at the Ben’kov National Art School, and later at the Nizami Tashkent Pedagogical Institute.


AAUz – the Academy of Arts of Uzbekistan

CEH – the Central Exhibition Hall

FAGU – the Fine Arts Gallery of Uzbekistan

THP – the Tashkent House of Photography

ICC – the International Caravanserai of Culture

HYPA – the House of Young People’s Art

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