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Issue #2 • 1050

March 27 – April 15, CEH

“The Artists of the Stage” exhibition opened on the eve of International Theatre Day, displaying works of Uzbek stage designers, scene-painters, costumiers, prop masters, and make-up artists. An improvised set created by the Alisher Navoi Opera and Ballet Theatre presented stage design elements of almost all its productions, including “Spartacus”, “Pearl Hunters”, “The Tsar’s Bride”, and “Faust”.

The exhibition also presented works by outstanding painters, who stood at the origin of theatrical and decorative art of Uzbekistan: S. Yudin, A. Nikolaev (Usto Mumin), and V. Ufimtsev; the first scene-painters M. Gvozdikov, and P. Ryabchikov; the first national stage design artists S. Shorahimov, and H. Ikramov; as well as new generation set designers who employ different stylistic devices, technique and materials. Among them are S. Abdumalikov (Mukimi Uzbek State Musical Theatre), N. Glubokina (State Music Theatre of Musical Comedy (operetta)), N. Domantsevich (Youth Theatre of Uzbekistan), and many others.

March 30 – April 14, THP Tashkent

The 10th anniversary exhibition called “Laughing Together”, initiated by the Tashkent House of Photography, the Academy of Arts of Uzbekistan, and “Mushtum” magazine, was dedicated to the International Day of Humor. It displayed more than 60 caricatures, cartoons and aphorisms. The works of N. Sviridenko and N. Popov addressed environmental topics. R. Azizov presented not only caricatures on topical themes, but also aphorisms reflecting the essence of the exposition: “Laughter for no reason is a sign of good mood”, or “Laughter is the shortest distance between two people”.

April 4-7, THP

“Watercolours” was the title of a personal exhibition of Husan Sadykov, a famous illustrator and designer of dozens of fiction books, including children’s. More than 50 landscapes were on display. Masterful colouring and dynamic development of space serve the master’s key idea of communicating the mood in the picture. His watercolour subjects fully expose the beauty and nature’s diversity of his native land (“Andijan Province”, “Pahtaobod”) and South Korea, where Sadykov lived and worked four years (“Mope, Korea”, “Ipchan, Korea” – the beauty of these places inspired the artist to create a number of work series).

April 4-12, National Art Museum, Azerbaijan

In line with the cooperation agreement between the Academy of Arts of Uzbekistan and the Academy of Arts of Azerbaijan and the National Institute of Architecture and Art, the City of Baku hosted a very successful solo exhibition of Akmal Nuridinov (Akmal Nur), the People’s Artist of Uzbekistan, the Laureate of the State Award of Uzbekistan, and Chairman of the AAUz. He is one of the country’s contemporary representational artists whose creative pursuits are defined by the fusion of Eastern and Western traditions and a search for national identity. More than 40 canvases displayed at the exhibition are the fruit of the five years’ work of the artist and his artistic inquiry.

April 5 – May 5, FAGU

Dilorom Mamedova’s solo exhibition “Kaleidoscope” displayed more than 100 paintings of the woman-artist (many of them were shown for the first time), including her “After the Rain”, “Orange Khiva”, “The Wall of Life” diptych on the theme of fathers and children, as well as “The Doors”, “Waiting”, “Transient and Departing”, and others. Whatever the subject, Mamedova’s canvases are distinguished for their mosaic painting technique and bold colour combinations.

April 7-20, THP

Personal photo exhibition of Evgeniy Olevskiy, “May You Dream of a Bird Taking Wing”, invited its visitors to look at landscape genre at a different angle. The author pushes the boundaries of habitual reality; his shots are conceptual and subjected to one overarching idea. The exposition has more than 60 landscapes and portraits. The former were inspired by his visits to Parkent District (TashkentProvince) and Israel, and the latter captured children’s faces and images of rural residents. Olevskiy has the ability to blend the eternal and the instantaneous, which leaves no one indifferent.

April 10-24, THP

“A contact with nature and art can eliminate callousness and cruelty”, said about his life choice the author of a personal exhibition and the winner of the Silver Medal of the AAUz Gennadiy Golischenko. His canvases show the mysterious nature of the Northern Urals (the master’s birthplace) and Uzbekistan. A series of his works is dedicated to sea: “You Alone Are Never Familiar”, “The Sea”. More than 70 works is the result of many years of the author’s artistic inquiry and finds.

April 19 – May 19, FAGU

Tatiana Lee’s paintings presented at her solo exhibition “Day Dreams” are quite striking in the diversity of their colour palette and emotional richness. Paintings of the woman-artist seem to let the viewer peep into the inner world of the master: on her canvases the artist shares what she saw and lived through. In Lee’s pictures even the subtle outlines of landscape and people are full of meaning: “Yesterday, Today, and the Day Before Yesterday”, “Samarqand-Darboza”, “Old Yard”. Portraits made by T. Lee also emanate a kind of magnetic energy. According to the master, she mainly paints people she knows very well: relatives, friends and colleagues.

April 19 – May 2, THP

“Partaking” ["Soprichastie"] was a personal exhibition of Vladimir Burmakin and Anastasia Nikitina organized by THP and the “Forum” Foundation. Burmakin presented his works created in the compufo style. Synthesis of photography and computer technology allows the artist to take a different look at artistic process, lending it unusual expressivity: “Breakthrough in Space”, “Repose”, “The Struggle of Light and Darkness”. The exhibition also presented a series of painted portraits by the artist, including “Portrait of Natalie”, and “Saxophonist Arslan Haydarov”. The audience’s attention was attracted by paintings of Burmakin’s student A. Nikitina, whose development as artist was largely influenced by her mentor. In her works one can sense the searching for her own artistic “ego” through reference to the world’s heritage, as well as the use of grotesque. Quite interesting are her paintings “OldTown”, and “Lilies. Awakening”.

April 21-25, CEH

The organizers of the IX traditional “Fine Arts Week of Uzbekistan + 5″ dedicated to the Family Year and held throughout the country were the AAUz, the “Forum for Culture and Arts of Uzbekistan” Foundation, and a number of ministries and agencies. Every day of the festival was dedicated to a particular theme: painting, graphic arts, applied arts and crafts, sculpture, design, and photography. As part of the Week, Ukrainian artists Mamut Churlu and Ostap Kovalchuk presented their art; Japanese culture days were held (master-classes on origami, calligraphy, grattage and enamel, as well as exhibitions of photographs and kimono). Visitors were introduced to the works of the students of the Behzad National Institute of Arts and Design, the National College of Arts, the National College of Design and other schools. Active project participants received commemorative awards and diplomas.

May 1-4, THP

“The World of Shapes” exhibition presented paintings by collector Shamil Davletkhanov organized by the AAUz and THP. Graduate of the Kiev Institute of Civil Aviation, Davletkhanov has been actively involved in developing international operations of the national airline “Uzbekistan Airways” since 1992. More than 20 years ago he began to study ancient symbols of the world’s nations. The author is a full member of the InternationalRockArtAcademy and member of the International Association of Experimental Artists. Over 80 works displayed at the exhibition is an attempt to unravel the mystery of ancient symbols and to share the discovery with the viewer.

May 2, CEH

The exhibition-contest “Kamalak Jilosi” (“The Colors of the Rainbow”) presenting works of children from mercy homes from all over the country has been running for 15 years now. It is organized by the international non-governmental charity foundation “Soghlom avlod uchun” (“For Healthy Generation”), the AAUz, the Ministry of Public Education, the national charity foundation “Sen yolg’iz emassan”, and the Center for Science, Education and Culture at the Embassy of the Arab Republic of Egypt in Uzbekistan. This year more than 1,200 orphanage students took part in the contest; over 180 items were selected for the exhibition. Very moving are trees made of beads by L. Sarkisyants (mercy home #10, Samarqand), a shell composition called “Underwater World” by S. Krokhin (mercy home #32, Bukhara), “Happy Childhood” watercolor by I. Rakhmatullaev (Andijan Children’s City) and others. The authors of the best works were awarded diplomas and valuable gifts.

May 5-6, Karakalpakstan, Ellikala District

The fifth “Asrlar sadosi” (“The Echo of the Centuries”) culture festival took place in Karakalpakstan, near Tuprakkala settlement included by UNESCO in list of world culture monuments. The Festival is a large-scale joint project of the “Forum for Culture and Arts of Uzbekistan” Foundation and UNESCO office in Uzbekistan. An exhibition of arts and crafts from all regions of Uzbekistan unfolded around Tuprakkala. 17 collections from the regions were presented at the traditional costume festival. Traditional games, environmental “round table”, and master-classes conducted by archaeologists from the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Karakalpakstan were also part of the festival programme. In the days of the festival Nukus opened a workshop making Karakalpak traditional musical instruments and held a workshop on this topic.

May 8-22, THP

Over 100 paintings were displayed at the exhibition dedicated to the Day of Remembrance and Honour. The exhibition was organized by the AAUz, the Behzad Memorial Park Museum, and the THP. It showed paintings created by veterans whose names are inscribed in the annals of Uzbekistan’s arts. These included “Red Tulips”, “Self-Portrait”, and “Dedication to Freedom Fighters” by R. Matevosyan; “The Portrait of the War Veteran” by V. Lysov; “The World War II Veteran H. Ibragimov” by A. Wiener; “Years of Trial” triptych by S. Rakhmanova; paintings “You’re Not an Orphan” and “Year 1943″ by A. Perova; and “Father’s Portrait” by R. Azihanov, as well as works of other authors.

May 17 – June 17, CEH

This time, an exhibition from “Our Heritage” cycle, scheduled to coincide with the International Museum Day, was dedicated to the Uzbekistan’s masters of painting, graphic arts and sculpture, whose anniversaries are marked this year. It is the 100th anniversary of Chingiz Ahmarov and Lutfullo Abdullaev; the 90th anniversary of Alexander Wiener and Nicholai Pak; the 80th anniversary of Robert Avakyan. The exhibition presented paintings of artists whose career began in the 1930s-1950s and whose names entered the history of Fine Arts of Uzbekistan. Visitors could see the works of renowned artists such as Zinaida Kovalevskaya, Abdulhak Abdullaev, and Rashid Temurov. Unparalleled masterpieces by Rahim Akhmedov, Mannon Saidov, Nigmat Kuzybaev, Victor Zelikov, Pavel Martakov and many other artists surprise and delight us over again. The exposition is graced by sculpture portraits of our contemporaries, masterfully wrought by Nadezhda Krymskaya, Anvar Rakhmatullaev and Leonid Ryabtsev.

May 18-28, Culture and Art Exhibition Hall

“Woman, The Keeper of Hearth” – this was the title of a personal exhibition of a young artist Ekaterina Ivanova, member of the Artists’ Union of Uzbekistan and prize-winner of the “Eng Ulugh, Eng Aziz” contest. The exhibition was dedicated to Navruz holiday and the Family Year and organized by the Ministry for Culture and Sports, Culture and Art Exhibition Hall, the AAUz, and the Behzad Institute of Arts and Design. Portraits, landscapes, still-life paintings, and architectural ensembles presented at the exhibition were created in oil, watercolour, and sanguine. Many of the artist’s paintings are dedicated to women, as well as to traditions and customs of Uzbek people. Ivanova had 16 personal exhibitions.

May 21, «SANVIKT» Art Research Centre

Students of the Applied Arts Department of the Behzad Institute of Arts and Design, together with members of the “Applied Arts Club” creative team, with support from the AAUz, held a charity event called “One Step into the Future”. The event was attended by representatives from art-related institutions, diplomatic corps, and sponsors. The event aimed to develop an interest in art in children from low income families and children with impaired physical abilities.

May 22 – June 5, THP

“The Italian Quintet” was the name of an exhibition dedicated to the 20th anniversary of establishing diplomatic relations between the Republic of Uzbekistan and the Republic of Italy. It was organized by the AAUz, the “Uzbekistan-Italy” Friendship Society, and the THP with support from the Embassy of Italy in Uzbekistan. The exhibition displayed works (painting, drawing, photography) of five young talented artists of Uzbekistan, members of the Artists’ Union. Four of them, namely Kamoljon Babaev, Jahon Izentaev, Eshmamat Hayitov and Rustam Ziyadullaev, graduated from the Aldo Galli Fine Arts Academy in Como and became members of the Artists Association called “Centro Sociale 1990 COMO”, with a scholarship granted by “Umid” Foundation. Dilshod Azizov, graduate of the Behzad Institute and the St. Petersburg State Academic Institute of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture named after Repin also had his training in Italy and Finland.

May 29 – June 5, THP

An exhibition called “Contemporary Painting of China” was held as part of a visit of a group of well-known artists from China to our country. It was organized by the “Forum” Foundation, the pan-Chinese Association for Promoting International Friendship, and the AAUz. The exposition presented 50 paintings on rice paper by Bai Guowen, Hiao Vangking, Cheng Dali and other renowned artists, who, inspired by the visit to our country, are planning to paint pictures and present them in Beijing at an exhibition titled “Uzbekistan through the Eyes of Chinese Artists”.

May 31 – June 10, International Caravanserai of Culture (ICC)

Artist Ildar Fatkhulin dedicated his solo exhibition called “Day of Pomegranate, Tribute to Pomegranate, Shadow of Pomegranate…” to the 100th anniversary of his mentor Chingiz Akhmarov. The exposition had over 30 canvases. It was organized by the AAUz and the ICC. The master, graduate of monumental painting department of the former Tashkent State Institute of Theatre and Art named after A. Ostrovskiy, is not afraid to experiment. His works combine elements of traditional pictorial art, European classical painting school, and the avant-garde.

June 7 – July 7, FAGU

An exhibition «Pastello II» introduced the audience to the works of local artists working in pastels. Popular in France in early XVIII century, today pastel inspires artists to create vivid pieces. Among the exhibition participants were D. Akhunbabaev, R. Azizov, S. Chufarkov, R. Ziyadullaev, B. Litvinenko, A. Bakhromov and others.



AAUz – the Academy of Arts of Uzbekistan

CEH – the Central Exhibition Hall

FAGU – the Fine Arts Gallery of Uzbekistan

THP – the Tashkent House of Photography

ICC – the International Caravanserai of Culture


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